Bar Maid Glass Washer Review of 2020

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Bar Maid Glass Washer Review

Our Verdict

The Bar Maid glass washer is an excellent device for those who got used to washing dishes quickly and efficiently. The washer may be easily installed in any sink and allows you to wash any glasses for beverages or alcoholic drinks. It has 1 large (7-1/2 inches) and 4 smaller brushes (6 inches), designed for glasses of different diameters.


  • High-quality wash of any glasses
  • Easy installation
  • Long service life


  • Pricy item

What is Bar Glass Washer?

This Bar Maid glass washer copes easily with any impurities. It washes away dried drink traces, lipstick. The barmaid glass washer functions quite enough, does its job efficiently, serves as an indispensable appliance both in the kitchen and in the bar.

Bar Maid A 200

According to our bar glass washer review, the device is supplemented by a partially submerged engine (1/3 horsepower), and therefore it is not afraid of water. Rotating brushes create an abrasive environment, so any dirt and stains are easily removed. The Bar Maid A 200’s body is made of reliable stainless steel, and therefore this glass washer will last you for many years. The bar glass dishwasher is equipped with a special protective cover that carefully protects the device from splashes and drops. Strength, stylish appearance and proven reliability are the main advantages of the commercial glass washer.

Should I Buy the Commercial Glass Washer?

Focusing on multiple reviews, you definitely should equip your home or café with this beer glass washer for bar. Such a small but powerful assistant will present perfect cleanliness to your glasses. You will be pleasantly surprised by the brilliance of polished glass after using this equipment. It will never be able to replace the usual manual glasses washing. First of all, you provide the cups with perfect crystal purity and brilliance. Secondly, you give your hands beauty and health, taking care of yourself. Thirdly, using this glass washer you save time and spend it on your loved ones. All these features of the bar sink glass washer clearly indicate that it is worth purchasing. This Barmaid A200 device can be used either at home or in small bars, coffee houses, cafes. Many companies have already chosen this commercial bar glass washer and are surely pleased with the purchase.

Bar glass dishwasher

Bar Maid A 200 – Crystal Clear Sparkling Glasses

The glass washing machine for bar has been tested, certified, and guarantees 100% safety when used in contact with water. Its motor is reliably protected from moisture, is tight and able to keep water warm throughout the entire glass washing process. The brushes included in the package are quite stiff and durable. However, given the long life of the electric glass washer, the brushes may wear out over time and need to be replaced. Nowadays, you may find new Bar Maid brushes specifically to replace the outdated ones. The biggest central brush is rather tall (7,5’’) and may wash qualitatively all glasses types.


The item suggests perfect USA quality. The manufacturer offers a 1 year warranty (including all the parts and accessories of the bar glass washer machine). The company will allow you to purchase spare parts at a reduced price during the second year of operation. This is a great advantage!

Commercial glass washer

If you are the owner of a pub, saloon, cafe, or restaurant, then you must definitely equip your kitchen with such a glass washer machine. It saves a lot of time and allows you to achieve excellent results. Your glasses will sparkle with purity and look like new! Products with a ribbed pattern get dirty faster than usual. It is too difficult to wash such glasses by hand. The stiff bristles of the brushes built into the device, together with warm water and a properly selected detergent, work miracles! Even glasses with a ribbed surface can sparkle again with cleanliness! If you are still in search of the best glass washer bar or cafe may be equipped with the presented model.

Barmaid glass washer

Restaurant glass washers produced by famous and well-known American brand Bar Maid, combine high performance, reliability, excellent components. The restaurant glass washer machine will serve you for decades and this fact  is confirmed by numerous consumer reviews. The commercial glass washer bar Maid features the peculiar system, named “Splashguard”. It takes care of keeping the operator dry and safe. It takes only a few minutes to install the Bar Maid model A 200 in the sink and you can immediately start using it.

Bar glass washer reviews

The powerful device’s motor can cope with any washing amount. When used for a home or regular bar (commercial area), it always shows its strengths and advantages. High-quality components have a long service life. The design of the product’s case is concise and simple – the black case is added with a sticker with the manufacturer’s logo.


You can fully trust the Bar Maid brand products, in particular, this glass washer model. The USA company managed to establish itself as a worthy manufacturer of washing glasses equipment, supplies for bars and restaurants, as well as chemicals for bars.

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