The 5 Best Large Capacity Top Load Washers of 2022

By Amy Mitchelle/ Last Updated: September 27

Hand washing is already out of fashion. The modern market offers you wide technique variety. Let’s speak about large capacity top load washers with a big laundry tank. No modern housewife any longer doubts the convenience, practicality, and reliability of the top load washers. In order to approach such demanded household appliances purchase responsibly, a number of its technical parameters should be taken into account. One of them is the drum capacity. This criterion sometimes becomes decisive while choosing a certain washing machine model.

The amount of laundry that you can wash depends on the tank capacity. In modern top loading washing machines with large capacity, the tank volume does not affect the size of the overall case – such best top loading washer stays compact enough even with capacious drum build-in. Large capacity is an important parameter that big families pay attention to. Obviously, washing is their everyday activity, and the washing machine must have a large capacity. Our concise and honest review is devoted to the top 5 large top load washers worthy the discerning buyers’ attention. We hope you will definitely find the best large capacity top load washer for your family among these 5 washers.

best large capacity top load washer

Our Top 5 Large Capacity Top Load Washers

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Best Large Capacity Top Load Washers of 2022 - Top 5 Reviews

Take a quick look at these top 5 large capacity washers from the authoritative brands

* $ – under $1000; $$ – under $1200.

The presented washer is ready to delight you with its wonderfully large capacity – 5.4 Cu. Ft.

Isn’t it the best solution for a large family with small kids? Besides the spacious tank, the LG ultra large capacity washer top load type may boast with its stylish, luxurious appearance.

It is also Wi-Fi-enabled: this point allows to tune the washer and diagnose it by sending data to the LG service center via the Internet. The LG large capacity top load washer proposes user 12 various washing cycles, including short and long-term washing, spinning, rinsing, heavy-duty cycle, and so on. The maximum spin power of this largest capacity top load washer with agitator is equal to 950 RPM. The top load large capacity washer is complemented with smart technologies, supporting Google Assistant. 


It is made of stainless steel – material, characterized by durability and corrosion resistance. This is one of the largest top load agitator washer products. The 6 motion technology promotes more thorough clothes mixing during washing, providing an unsurpassed result.

The Good

  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Large, corrosion resistant tank
  • High spinning power

The Bad

  • Pricy product

This is one of the largest washing machine top loading type offering a capacious 6.2 Cu. Ft. tank for your bed-linen, dresses, sweaters, children’s clothes, and other textile items.

It is fairly named the largest top load washer among all presented at appliances’ market. The Maytag large capacity top load washer will suggest you to try each of its 10 wash cycles and high-strength spinning (1000 RPM).

This largest capacity top load washer is an agitator type model with the Energy Star label. So, it consumes lower electricity and water amounts. The observed large capacity top load washing machine has a unique Sanitize cycle, responsible for perfect inside elements purity. This 30-inch largest top load washing machine will enslave the housewives’ hearts with an incredibly roomy tank, user-friendly control panel, multiple options set, durable materials (inside and outside). An improved Power Wash technology permits to get rid of the toughest dirt. The device features optimal dispensers, serving washing powder, and softener out automatically.

Maytag MVWB965HW

The Good

  • Huge tank capacity
  • Low water and energy consumption

The Bad

  • High price

Would you prefer to choose an intelligent, smart, and stylish enough washer? So, select the presented Samsung large capacity top load washer.

What’s special about it? First, one should note its 5.4 Cu. Ft. capacity – rather huge build-in tank for enormous laundry volumes. Applying this large capacity top load washer, one has access to the following cycles: Normal, Bedding, Heavy-duty, Whites, Spin, Rinse and spin, permanent press, Self-clean, Quick wash. Among the presented large top load washing machine’s options feature: Delay end, Child lock, Alarm off, Fabric softener, Presoak (for serious impurities), Deep fill, and Smart care. By special mobile application downloading, you can track the technical problems of the device and easily solve them with the service center specialists’ advice. 

Samsung WA54R7200AW

This best top load large capacity washer has a transparent lid that closes quietly and softly. Spin power suggested in this large capacity top loading washer is equal to 750 RPM.

The Good

  • Convenient transparent lid
  • Mobile App
  • Smart technique

The Bad

  • Spins loudly

The observed Kenmore large capacity top load washer has a 6.2 Cu. Ft. tank and is added with the Clean Steam option. This is a real washing giant, ready to cope with serious laundry amount day by day. This is truly the best large capacity top load washing machine featuring an impeller for washing quality improvement. This triple-action element allows mixing clothes and ensures fabrics friction, simulating hand washing.

This Kenmore large top load washer may cope with impressive laundry volumes (for example, it can wash up to 30 towels in one cycle). The reviewed extra large capacity top load washer has an Energy Star label, so this is a guarantee of low resource consumption – wash clothes and save your funds. This largest top loading washing machine suggests 950 RPM spinning power – quite mighty to wring out sheets, duvet covers, and towels perfectly. Rich options set will allow you to find an individual approach to each wash cycle (White wash, Heavy-duty, Delicate, Normal, Rinse and spin, Steam, Light wash, Speed wash, Bedding).

Kenmore Elite 31642 6.2 cu.ft.

The Good

  • Big tank capacity
  • Quiet operation

The Bad

  • High price tag

This Whirlpool large capacity top load washer is an improved product from a well-known brand. It features new technology with active bloom washing.

This means the improved washing quality, more gentle approach, as well as maximum washing cycles individualization. This large capacity washer top load from Whirlpool demonstrates perfect washing quality.

You will surely be amazed by its 26 washing cycles – now, each fabric type will get its ideal treat. The spin power of the device is 850 RPM, so it may thoroughly spin even blankets, towels, and linen. The washers’ drum is made of stainless steel and has smooth internal waves (promote gentle washing, provide care for your clothes). This is one of the largest capacity washer top load products with the Energy Star label. It is 28-inch and has a stylish case design (black and white colors combination) – digital console with buttons and a convenient transparent lid. 

Whirlpool WTW8000DW

This best large top load washer possesses an improved detergent and softener dispensers – the device adds these agents dosed at the right time intervals, promoting high-quality dissolution in water and impact on dirt and fabric.

The Good

  • Beneficial price tag
  • Stylish appearance
  • Wide oprions range

The Bad

  • Loud rinsing and spinning

Guide to Buying the Best Large Capacity Top Load Washers

largest top load washer

What is considered a large capacity washing machine?

What is the largest capacity top load washer? One may call the top load washers large if their tank capacity parameter ranges from 5-6.5 Cu. Ft. In this case, we are really talking about the large appliance. The modern market offers an enormous quantity of the top loading large capacity washing machines. Our review has already acquainted you with 5 best products in this category. Each of these washing machines has a different capacity indicator, the specific design, and a set of functions, supplemented by an agitator or impeller. But all of them are united by the indicator of a large capacity feature. By the way, a large capacity top load washer and dryer is a high efficient combo often chosen for more convenience and comfort.

What is the largest capacity top loading washing machine?

Searching the answer to the question “What is the largest top load washer” one should note that this parameter is individual in every case. Some families consider the 4 Cu. Ft. washers big devices. Others call such appliances large only if the capacity is more than 5 Cu. Ft. Assessing the general concept «large» specialists offer to rate a Maytag MVWB965HW 6.2 Cu. Ft. model. This best large top loader washing machine’s tank roominess really shocks. The dimensions allow you to wash large laundry amounts. We are talking not just about ordinary linen, but also about blankets, rugs, bed linen, bath towels. This largest top loading washer model is an innovative solution that provides large families with maximum opportunities for high-quality washing. This washer may also be used in commercial goals.

What is the best large capacity top load washer with agitator?

It’s not a secret that the today’s top load washers may feature agitator or impeller. This spare part is responsible for textiles mixing inside the drum. The result is a more thorough fabric rubbing and, thereby, the perfect dirt removal. So, what is the largest capacity top load washer with agitator? We offer you to evaluate the LG WT7800CW 5.4 Cu. Ft. This large capacity top load washer with agitator is complemented with the agitator, promising the best washing results. According to the multiple users’ reviews, the observed largest top load washer with agitator was estimated as the most reliable and worthy among available top load washers with big capacity with agitator.

What is the best large capacity top load washer without agitator?

According to users’ assessment, washing machines equipped with impeller are more popular today. This is a small spare part, an alternative to the relatively big agitator. The tank with the impeller is more roomy and capacious. Also, such large top load washer models, according to the manufacturers’ assurances, treat clothes more carefully and delicately during washing, rinsing, and spinning. This is probably due to the specific impeller design (flat, added with rounded blades). The Kenmore Elite 31642 6.2 Cu. Ft. is one of the brightest representatives of the large top load washers. It occupies a well-deserved position among the modern extra large top load washing machines. Its tank is wonderfully roomy and capacious, ready to solve large-scale tasks for washing vast laundry amounts in one cycle.

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