The 10 Best Mini Washers and Dryers of 2023

By Amy Mitchelle/ Last Updated: October 27

Washer machines are significant for each family. However, sometimes, it’s impossible to place a full-some device because of the lack of space or some other reason. But recently factories have found out how to solve such a problem. These days everyone can have a convenient living due to portable washer and dryer. Such equipment has the same number of functions. Moreover, there’re lots of mini washer and dryer combo devices in different designs at the marketplace. That’s why everybody can purchase the item that will match the interior of your bathroom.

One more reason why mini washer and dryer for apartments is the best solution is the fact that some models even work without any electricity. Such options are great if you need to wash something while being outdoors. To purchase the finest mini washer machine, an individual should draw his attention firstly to the size (these devices are not as huge as conventional devices). However, there are some options that are almost the same size. So, you ought to be careful and understand if the model fits your room.


The power usage is also meaningful. Buying a mini washer and dryer one can preserve much energy. If a person’s going to transfer to a different place, his mini washer and dryer shouldn’t be heavy. Booting per load is one more characteristic of a mini washer and dryer. It depends on your own laundry needs.

Mini washer and dryer

Our Top 6 Best Mini Washers and Dryers

We have selected the best offers for you

Best Portable Mini Washers and Dryers of 2023 - Top 10 Reviews

Get acquainted with our fresh list of top 10 mini washers and dryers

* $ – under $100; $$ – under $200; $$$ – under $300.

1. Giantex Portable Compact 13 Lbs - Best of the Best

Get acquainted with a small purging device able to be put wherever you want because of its small size.

The main feature of this mini washer machine is it’s simple to control. You oughtn’t to get a plumber to understand how this mini washer and dryer works.

This mini washer will fit even in dormitories, apartments, condominiums, engine homes. The portable 2-in-1 mini washer and dryer is popular for its quick purging. The stopwatch for purging is only 15 minutes, and the spin stopwatch is 5 minutes per load. You are allowed to choose different parameters to get the cleanest clothing as fast as possible. Also, it features compact sizes. Even though this device is not a heavy one, it is still quite robust. 

Giantex Portable washing machine review

240W purging power and 120W spinner power are aimed to remove all spots. The machine has a minimalist design. The mini washer and dryer set is produced in black and white colors. That’s why it will look great in each interior. 

The Good



Effucient and easy-in-use

The Bad

High price

2. ROVSUN 13.4 lbs. XPB46-RS4 - Portable Compact Washing Machine - Best Capacity

This is a semi-automatic purging device. Such a unit is produced of high-quality stainless steel and plastic.

It is enough to connect it to the mixer. Thanks to its sparing laundry, things look perfect even after multiple washings.

Among the main advantages of this portable gadget is its great number of options for various kinds of clothing washing (from socks to trousers).


Features spin wash and spin dry options. This is a portable mini washer and dryer, and it will fit in every apartment, dormitory, and even hotel room. It is almost noiseless and uses less energy and water. That’s why it’s your choice if you’re eager to preserve money. Each load can take less than half an hour.

ROVSUN 13.4LBS Portable Twin Tub Washing Machine

The Good

Quick wash

Small size

The Bad

Time consuming

3. KUPPET Portable Mini Washer 13 lbs.

This compact, but really powerful and efficient purging device is perfect for rooms that are small in size.

To start using this Mini Washer manufactured by KUPPET you need to put in your load of clothing, fill with water, set the stopwatch, and begin to wash.

It’s a great choice because of Twin Tubs Design, it’s a small size. That’s why it can be placed everywhere, even in dormitories and RV Campings.


The machine is popular with its portability. It is produced from plastic and isn’t heavy. 

KUPPET Washing Machine

It’s robust. Even though it’s light and small, it has a robust engine that allows you to preserve not only your time but also money on laundry. The unit is realy quiet-working. It’s almost impossible to hear how the device is running.

The Good

Small size

High wash and spin quality

Powerful engine

The Bad

Non-standard water hose

4. SUPER DEAL Portable Compact SD190115

Such a device is aimed to help you with washing clothes and making it as clean as new ones.

There are ten different purging programs, and the only thing you should do is to select one and press the button. There are several reasons why it’s one of the perfect options for those who are looking for a mini washer and dryer combo.


Firstly, it has a transparent lid. So, you can see the clothing inside the device when it’s running. Secondly, there’s only one water inlet that can be linked up to standard faucet with the inlet hose. 

SUPER DEAL Portable Compact Washing Machine

It’s a device that doesn’t need much free space. It will be great for the apartment and dorm or even as the second purging device in your house. 

The Good

Small size

Easy water filling

Saving money

The Bad

Operating loudly

5. HomGarden 8.8lbs Mini Washing Assistant - Best Price

This compact device can be used for both purging and drying. Since it has an adorable design, it will look amazing everywhere.

This mini washer is produced of durable PP plastic. Its main features are quite working (it’s running almost silently and preserves energy and time) and handy-transferring. One may easily take this device everywhere and forget about hand purging even during traveling.


Also, it features stopwatch control (choose appropriate washing time).  The transparent lid design allows to see clothing during the washing process. 

HomeGarden washing machine review

The manufacturers guarantee first class quality either of washing or of spinning operations. Use it at home, at a countryside, during trips. Besides fine washing result it will save energy and water!

The Good

Low price

Energy and water saving

Perfect washing result

The Bad

Heavy foaming

Operating loudly

6. ZENY Portable Mini Washer JA019042T

We present you best washing and spinning combo of 2023 year. Reliable, high-quality and styligh model.

This compact device is a solution for those who want to have a purging device but doesn’t have enough space in his apartment.

There are two tubes, the first is for the washing process, and the second is for spinning out excess water. This purging device’s produced from a plastic body and can be taken on a long-term journey. The main reasons to purchase such a mini washer and dryer combo are 15 minutes stopwatch for cleaning items, 5 minutes spin cycle; saving-energy and money features; simple to pick out discretions needed.  

ZENY Portable Mini Washer

It also allows washing 8 pounds per one operating cycle and 5 pounds per spin, has a silent engine. It is robust. Even though this device is small in size, it will remove all the spots.

The Good

Quiet working

Energy and detergent saving

Attractive design

The Bad


7. 4-EVER 17lbs LEXI00HO - Best Combo

Greet one of the leaders in spaciousness among modern portable washing machines! it has astonishing 17 lbs. capacity!

This compact device produced by 4-EVER is a semi-auto mini washer and dryer for apartments, dormitories, and rooms in hotels. It’s eco-friendly because it preserves energy and water. 


Its main features are: washer booting of 4.6 kgs and dryer booting of 3.1 kgs; the possibility to purge lots of kinds of garment and even towels; the opportunity to wash and dry at the same time. The washing process takes 15 minutes only. Lightweight, handy to transfer.

4-Ever Portable Mini Compact Washing Machine

The Good

Best washer and spinner combination

Large capacity

The Bad


Short water hose

8. HOmeLabs 0.9 Cu HME030238N - Best Mini

The presented device is a 0.9 cubic feet mobile unit with fully automated purging options, including rinsing and spinning cycles that are aimed to protect even the most delicate clothing.

The main feature of this mini washer machine is it’s simple control. You dont need to get a plumber to understand how this mini washer and dryer works. The only action you need to do is to connect it to the faucet. Two rolling wheels make it simpler to transfer. Digital remote monitoring is also worth appreciating. A user may select the needed load size and actual purging type. Notice its high performance. Such a device can purge almost 3 kg of laundry and weighs about 50 pounds.

hOmeLabs 0.9 Cu. Ft. Portable Washing Machine

The Good

Quiet operating


Easy connection to the faucet

The Bad

Short hose

9. Giantex Full-Automatic 8 lbs.

The presented portable washing machine by popular Giantex is a perfect decision for small dwellings, apartaments, RV’s.

This portable device can be placed wherever you want, and you can even use it while traveling. Forget about laundry during your trip. The main features include a high-quality body made of PP plastic, stylish design, and a great look in general; weight 37.4 pounds only. Mini Washer and Dryer set includes a spin basket that can be used to turn the washer into the spinner. The washing tub capacity is 8 lbs. Also it has 5 various operating programms, 3 water levels.

The Good



Easy to transport

The Bad


10. COSTWAY Mini Washing Machine - Best for Trip

Easy-in-use unit, created for quick and high-quality washing. Works quietly and efficiently, has stylish and attractve design.

This is a blue-colored purging device that is great for small flats such as dormitories and apartments. 


The main reasons to purchase this prototype are: comfort controlling; low weight (11.5 lbs. only); efficiency and power. 


The only thing a person ought to do is to place his clothing in the device, fill with water, select all options, and wait. An explicit lid lets you observe the device’s work.

The Good

Transparent body

Easy operation control


The Bad

Loud working

Guide to Buying the Best Mini Washer and Dryer

mini washer and dryer combo

Portable mini washers and dryers  are indispensable helpers of housewives, travel fans and people, who often move from place to place. Buyers are usually concerned about a number of issues related to the selection of such household appliances. We will try to answer the most common questions.

What is the best mini washer?

The best device for small storage spaces is that manufactured by COSTWAY company. The main reason why it’s a great choice is that it’s only 20” tall. The producer has managed to achieve such a small size because it allows purging a small number of clothes during one load.

What is the best portable washing machine to buy?

If a person needs to purchase a handy device, he should draw his attention to units with rolling wheels. Such prototypes are easier to move. That’s why one can take it everywhere, even on a long trip. The greatest portable mini washer machine is provided by hOmeLabs. It’s equipped with two roller wheels made of plastic.

What is the best compact washing machine?

The best compact device for purging is brought to customers by HOmeLabs. Such mini washer and dryer combo is fitted out with five different programs for cleaning and three types of water levels. Such a great number of features allow getting rid of even the biggest spots on T-shirts or trousers. One more advantage is that it’s almost noiseless, and it’s fast and easy to connect to all faucets, not only in the bathroom but also in the kitchen.

What is the smallest full-size washer and dryer?

You may consider the washer and dryer to be the smallest one if it fits your tiny dwelling well. Nowadays, different brands suggest such options (HomeLabs, Giantex, COSTWAY, etc.). Choose the most functional and smallest one and admire its rich potential! Besides low weight and modest dimensions, such machines are aimed either to wash your clothing or to dry it perfectly.


To sum up, one can say that a mini washer and dryer is an ideal selection for those who are not eager to harm the palms during a traditional hand washing but does not have enough free space to put commonplace equipment. Such a portable mini washer machine preserves a huge sum of money, and you’ll be able to spend it on activities that are more significant for you. To get fully satisfied with your selection, draw your attention to the main characteristics of this handy device. Its size and options depend on your personal needs and never go over your budget.

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