The 10 Best Top Load Washers With Agitators of 2020

By Amy Mitchelle/ Last Updated: September 4

Purchasing a top-loading washing machine often leaves the buyer with a choice – what to prefer a device with or without agitator? Washing machines with agitator continue to enjoy steady popularity. Our review will help you to find out the best top load washer with agitator and delight your family with a trusted home assistant. There is an opinion that these washing appliances are more aggressive with clothes; however, modern brands confidently refute this assumption. Such devices, due to the agitator presence, provide more thorough and effective wash.

Read our review and be sure to find the best top load washer added with agitator. What benefits does it possess? Laundry is shaken and mixed during washing and rinsing for a crystal clear result. An acceptable cost is the main advantage of such devices in comparison with more modern high-efficiency products. Their price usually ranges between $600 and $800 (and rarely exceeds $1000). Many manufacturers took into account the high demand for such affordable models and decided to complement them with innovative technologies (for example, steam washing). Our new review will present you 10 models of traditional agitator washing machines, which occupy leading positions in the ranking of such devices.

best top load washer with agitator

Our Top 3 Top Load Washers With Agitators

Here is our Top 3 list of the trusted top load washers with agitators

Best Top Load Washers With Agitators of 2020 - Top 10 Reviews

Look over our fresh list of top load washers added with agitor

* $ – under $700; $$ – under $1000; $$$ – under $2000.

This is a classic variant of top load washer added with agitator. It features 3.5 Cu. Ft. tank for large laundry volumes. This is a top load washer with agitator from the popular and trusted Amana brand.

The product is compact and efficient (the dimensions 46x29x28 inches, weight – 150 pounds). A white steel case is created in classic design, so this new washing machine with agitator may perfectly fit any bathroom or even kitchen interior.

It is worth noting that the maximum spin power is equal to 700 RPM. This is a good index, considering that this top load washing machine with agitator belongs to the middle price category. Perhaps the only drawback of this model is user’s inability to determine the water consumption – the machine weighs the laundry automatically and adds water on its own (sometimes even more than needed). Frankly speaking, this is an ordinary traditional washing machine with agitator – basic functions set (no additional innovative options), satisfactory washing and spinning quality, user-friendly control panel.

Amana NTW4516FW review

The Good

  • Reliable product
  • Beneficial price

The Bad

  • Boring design

The tank capacity of this top load washer with agitator is 4.1 Cu. Ft. This is an excellent index, ideal for a large family that has to wash various textiles every day.

The control panel in stylish black consists of the main relay and buttons (each is signed, so you will not get confused when determining the desired wash mode).

Elegant design, affordable price tag, and agitator presence in this model make it one of the best top load agitator washers. By setting up the washing machine, you can choose one of 4 available soiling degrees of your laundry. Also, 11 washing cycles (choose the one perfectly fitting your fabric type) and 4 temperatures are available. The product may be rightly considered the best top loading washing machine with agitator thanks to the fabric softener dispenser presence. Among other top loader washing machines with agitator, this model stands out for its incredibly stylish look (design in black and white), a well-thought-out control panel (everything is simple and understandable), good tank capacity.

Frigidaire FFTW4120SW review

The Good

  • Transparent lid
  • Softener dispenser presence
  • Hoses included

The Bad

  • Max fill options uses too much water

Though this product offers a relatively modest tank capacity (3.2 Cu. Ft. only), though it may surprise with really powerful spinning (up to 840 RPM).

Purchasers call it the best agitator washer not in vain – the appliance is made by the authoritative Speed Queen company. Also, it is sold at a beneficial price and is ready to serve you for decades. The device may also be titled as the best washing machine with agitator thanks to its options set. Choose from 8 washing cycles, feel pleasure while using the stylish electronic control panel! This is a 26-inch product – tiny and efficient at the same time! Due to the modest size, such narrow top load washers with agitators may be easily installed and exploited even in miniature premises. The built-in agitator may create up to 60 strokes in 1 minute. 

Speed Queen TR7000WN.

As a result, fabric fibers are cleaned of dirt better and faster. Along with high-quality washing, a careful attitude to clothes and linen is ensured.

The Good

  • Stylish design
  • Huge options set
  • Quite operation

The Bad

  • High price tag

The presented top load washer added with agitator offers you 4.2 Cu. Ft. tank volume. It is rightly included in the list of the best top load washers with agitators.

The product has gained this status thanks to its powerful motor, built-in agitator (thorough laundry mixing while washing and spinning), user-friendly control panel. Select freely from 11 available cycles – each is targeted for a specific type of wash. Thanks to this possibility, any wardrobe item will be cleaned in accordance with the fabric type and soiling degree (individual, selective approach). Evaluating the best rated top load washers with agitators, pay attention to this model. Its design is modest and, at the same time, considered. Users say that the GE top load washers with agitators have established themselves as fairly durable devices, reliable, and easy to use.

GE GTW335ASNWW review

The Good

  • Profitable price
  • Durable

The Bad

  • Spins loudly

This product, manufactured by Maytag, suggests 4.2 Cu. Ft. tank volume.

Multiple consumer reports top load washer with agitator, confirm its high-efficiency and rich functions raw. Exploiting it, one may apply one of the 11 washing cycles.

This model proposes spinning up to 700 RPM and possesses UL Certification. Investigating the top loading agitator washing machine reviews, one may discover that this model has a wide range of functions, a laconic modern 28-inch case design, stainless steel tank. The built-in agitator in washer acts as a mixer – thanks to it, clothes are thoroughly mixed before and during washing. At the same time, you do not have to worry – all fabric types are guaranteed gentle, delicate care. Choose the preferable option (for instance, Power Wash for soiled garments, Hand Wash or Wrinkle Control for delicate items) and fell confident of getting an ideal result.

Maytag MVWC565FW review

The Good

  • Fine tank capacity
  • UL Certification presence

The Bad

  • High water consumption

Welcome the 3.8 Cu. Ft. top load washer from GE manufacturer. The presented top loading washer with agitator is a 27-inch home appliance. Its spinning power is equal to 700 RPM. The product is smart enough and may delight you with 11 various washing options and special department for fiber softener.

 Look at this top load agitator washer – any housewife will definitely like its classic design. Believe, the top load agitator washing machine from GE will look great in the kitchen, bathroom, or hallway. Beneficial price, optimal functions set, convenient top load type, and modest dimensions are the main washer’s advantages. The drum is constructed of stainless steel material, so it will surely serve you long time. Powerful spinning ability guarantees either perfect laundry drying or an accelerated spinning process. 

GE GTW330ASKWW review

The control panel of the presented washing machine with center agitator may notify you about the remaining time for washing or spinning (digital control).

The Good

  • Profitable price
  • Electronic control panel

The Bad

  • Low tank capacity

One more washer from Kenmore may also gain the status of the best top load washing machine with agitator.

It has a capacious 4.2 Cu. Ft. tank ready to accommodate impressive dirty laundry volumes (ordinary clothes or sheets, towels). The tank is made of high-quality stainless steel, which guarantees its long service life. A variety of options allows you to use the washing machine according to your needs. For example, there is an Express mode for quick cleaning. The Deep Water and Heavy Duty modes are suitable for particularly dirty laundry. If you need to drain the water and wring out the clothes, use the Drain and Spin mode. 

Kenmore 2622352 washer review

Being included in the top load agitator washing machines list, this product guarantees low water and energy consumption. The model features a triple-action agitator and promises higher washing quality. This washer is one of the trusted among the top loading agitator washing machines.

The Good

  • Low resources consumption
  • Beneficial price

The Bad

  • Doesn’t include hoses

Welcome this large capacity washer with agitator from the well-known LG brand.

Its tank will surprise you with 5 Cu. Ft. capacity – large enough and ideal for big families. Thanks to this parameter, the product is truly evaluated the largest capacity top load washer with agitator. It attracts purchasers with smart IQ technologies and Wi-Fi connection.

The largest top load washer with agitator is really intelligent and is able to cooperate with any fabric type. Cleans any dirt gently and effectively, economically uses water and electricity. This large capacity top load washer with agitator suggests 8 washing cycles and incredibly powerful spin up to 950 RPM. You will surely like its interior – the case is performed in a beautiful, luxurious color – steel graphite. Quiet operation is one more advantage of the presented clothes washer with agitator. Smart Diagnosis Option permits to identify the device’s breakdowns and inform LG technical support about them remotely.

LG WT7200CV review

The Good

  • Powerful spinning (up to 950 RPM)
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Operates quietly

The Bad

  • High price

This best washer with agitator is the classic agitator version. The tank capacity is 3.5 Cu. Ft.

This is an average tank capacity that is suitable for single people, students, or couples without children. The device has 11 washing cycles; the spinning power can reach 700 RPM.

User can select the volume of consumed water manually. The model features a dual-action agitator, which is responsible for mixing clothes up more thoroughly. The device has a function for adding items after starting (this is very convenient and allows you to avoid additional wash cycles. 28-inch device is a classic washer in white case. The lid of the device is not transparent, so note this before purchasing. This model takes an honorable place among the leading top loading washing machines with agitator. Its tank is made of porcelain  – smooth and strong at the same time. The presented top loading washing machine with agitator from Whirlpool will also please you with its Cold wash option. Use it while washing colored or black clothes.

Whirlpool WTW4616FW review

The Good

  • Multiple options set
  • Good price

The Bad

  • Modest tank capacity

Welcome the one more top loader washing machine with agitator. What’s special about this product?

First of all, it features 3.5 Cu. Ft. tank capacity, 17-inch width, fashionable view in black and white. 

Such top load agitator washers from Maytag managed to earn the users’ trust, even despite the cost (the product belongs to the middle price category). Buy this best top loading washer with agitator and enjoy the rich options variety (7 washing cycles available), spin power up to 700 RPM. The device offers various washing modes, from short (30 minutes) to long (up to 60 minutes), depending on the type of laundry and the soiling degree. This is surely, not the largest washer with agitator, though it is an indispensable home assistant for a single or small family. The device is added with 4 adjustable legs, so one may easily change its height.

Maytag MVWP575GW review

The Good

  • Adjustable legs
  • Powerfull spinning

The Bad

  • Small tank capacity

Guide to Buying the Best Top Load Washer With Agitator

top load washer with agitator

What is an agitator washer?

Many buyers don’t know what is a washing machine agitator. We are ready to acquaint you with this specific washer’s type. So, these are the products with special built-in spare part in face of agitator. Most often, top loading washing machines with agitators have 3 blades that rotate and ensure thorough clothes mixing during washing and rinsing. It is believed that this element provides a higher quality wash. Contrary to popular belief that such washers are not very delicate, it is worth noting that most of the top load washing machines with agitators produced today demonstrate careful attitude towards any fabric. Constructing agitator for washing machine manufacturers take into account the consumers desires (gentle washing and high-quality dirt removal). The he washer with agitator is more popular, guaranteeing low resources (water, electricity) consumption.

Is it better to have a washer with an agitator?

There is no specific difference between washers with agitators and without this element. Both types provide careful and efficient washing. Each family decides what washer type is more convenient to apply. Looking through multiple top load washer with agitator reviews, one may conclude that these products cost less in comparison with models without agitator. Despite the modest price tags, top loading agitator washers offer a wide range of options and functions that allow you to wash clothes from all types of fabrics gently and effectively. Besides, nowadays, every second top loading agitator washer is added with new innovative options (for instance, steam cleaning). This nuance, complemented with the beneficial price, makes the product the best top load agitator washer. If you want to save money, don’t purchase new washer with agitator, but prefer the used one product.

What is the best top load washer with agitator?

Would you like to know what is the best top load washer with agitator? No expert will be able to give you a clear answer to this question, as it largely depends on a number of factors – your budget, needs, family size, individual wishes. If the budget category GE GTW335ASNWW washer (price tag approximately $550-600) is the best choice for one buyer, then for another, more expensive and perfect product in the face of the Speed Queen TR7000WN washer (price approximately $1000) will be the ideal solution. So, agitator washing machine reviews confirm that the best agitator washing machine for you is the product fully satisfying all your family needs.


These are such parameters as the capacity of the drum, a set of specific functions, spin power, pump type, manufacturer’s warranty. Experts advise: if you decided to purchase the product with agitator, try to choose the high efficiency model. Note that high efficiency washer with agitator is an advantageous solution. Such a device consumes significantly less water and electricity while providing a high-quality wash.

Who makes washing machines with agitators?

Choosing the best rated top load washer with agitator, you are surely interested in manufacturers’ names. Many companies are still engaged in such washers production. These are well-known brands, like Whirlpool, LG, and less popular but nevertheless demanded – Speed Queen, Amana (Whirlpool’s branch), Maytag, Kenmore, Frigidaire, etc. Nowadays, they are ready to offer you either the largest washing machine with agitator, or the tiny one (depending on your preference). You may choose the top loading washers with agitators, relying on the other buyers experience or trusting the popular brands long-term credibility.

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