Best Amana Washer Parts of 2024 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

By Amy Mitchelle/ Last Updated: July 08

Washing machines that came off the assembly line of the popular Amana brand are deservedly in high demand. The Amana washer parts are in no less request than the gears themselves. These Amana washers are distinguished by a modest, concise design, a basic set of options, high performance, and proven reliability. Nevertheless, despite the fact that they use high-quality components and spare parts, this household appliance may fail. In most cases, the problem can be easily fixed – just identify the cause of the breakdown and purchase the needed spare parts and accessories. By purchasing strictly original Amana replacement parts, you ensure the stable operation of the device for many years. That is why experts strongly recommend giving preference to native, original Amana parts.

The Amana’s washing machine accessories are manufactured in strict accordance with Whirlpool Corporation standards and leading global technologies. It is not customary to save on this production – therefore these spare parts are characterized by high quality and durability. Read this article and get acquainted with the top list of popular Amana washing machine parts. By the way, one may purchase not only original Amana washer replacement parts but universal spares – according to most reviews, they are also reliable enough. But first, be sure to select the appropriate item model.

Amana washer parts

This Amana washer pump (model number CECOMINOD081824) is a replacement part that can come to the rescue in the event of a factory part breakdown. In order to repair Amana washer and to replace the broken pump, apply the socket wrench – it will help you to remove the screws securing the failed pump.

This Amana washer drain pump may be easily installed in the place of the old one (the installation process can be organized easily without outside professional assistance). The Amana washer water pump perfectly fits most Amana washers’ models. It weighs 2.49 pounds. The dimensions are 8.4 x 6.9 x 4.9 inches. Before acquiring the mentioned Amana front load washer drain pump recommend making sure this product fits your washing machine model. 

amana washer pump

Specialists and ordinary users confirm that the Amana washing machine pump may be installed easily even by the inexperienced person. In case you doubt to realize the procedure correctly invite specialists and ask to manage the Amana washer pump replacement.

The Good

Reasonable price

High quality

The Bad

May not fit your washer model

This interchangeable system allows fastening the washing machine’s lid during its operation. If the factory lid switch does not respond and does not function in the proper way, purchase this spare Amana washer lid lock and solve the problem in 5 minutes.

The product is suitable not only for Amana washers but also for washing machines from Kenmore, Whirlpool. Nevertheless, before buying, make sure that this Amana washer lid switch is suitable for your technique. The Amana washing machine lid switch may delight you with a long lifetime. 

amana washer lid lock

The manufacturer guarantees a refund in case of a defective product purchase or its quick failure (guaranteed refund or replacement with a new product). Its dimensions are 0.9 X 6.3 X 20.2 inches. The Amana washing machine lid lock weighs 6.2 ounces.

The Good

Long lifetime

Beneficial price

High reliability

The Bad

May require certain installation skills

This replacement part by Maxdot may be compliable with either Amana washers or other brands washing appliances (Kenmore, Crosley, Roper, Inglis, KitchenAid, Estate, etc.). The Amana water inlet valve is readily to attach and is quite foolproof in operation. The manufacturer recalls that during the Amana washer water inlet valve installation it is important to avoid dust and water.

What about the Amana washer inlet valve’s operating voltage? It is 110/120 VAC. The Amana washing machine water inlet valve is added with the mounting bracket. Please try to make sure the product is compatible with your washing equipment. The Amana water valve replacement kit features qualitative connectors. However, note that some connectors may not match the original. 

amana water inlet valve

The installation process is barely easy. Though, if you do not know how to change water inlet valve on Amana washing machine, seek the help of a qualified plumber.

The Good

Reasonable price


The Bad

May fit not all the models

The presented rechargeable Amana washer belt is a real finding for steady device fixation and stabilization during its operation. This Amana washing machine belt is made of strong, qualitative rubber, so it is ready to serve you for many years.

Amana washer belt replacement fits several popular washer brands (Amana, Maytag, Speed Queen, Crosley). Verify that your model of washing machine matches this part. Amana washer drive belt replacement allows you to fix the device. With its help, the washing machine will stop moving during operation. 

amana washer belt

Still do not know how to replace drive belt on the Amana washer? Look through the user’s manual and find all the answers to your questions. The Amana washing machine belt replacement permits to make the device’s operation quiet and stable.

The Good

Reliable fixation


The Bad

May tear

One of the most often failed parts in washing machines is the suspension spring. To fix the problem with this spare part, pick up a new product, and replace the failed part with a new one.

The interchangeable Amana washer suspension spring is made of high-quality metal,  so, it can serve you a long time and guarantee the stable device’s operation. The product is a combination of decent quality and an acceptable price tag.

amana washer suspension spring

The Good

Small and strong


The Bad

May not fit your washer's model

These replacement parts are of high quality and may delight you with easy installation. Don’t hurry up while purchasing – first, be sure that its size fits your demands.

The length of the rods is equal to 23,6 inches. The length of its spring is 5,11 inches and the diameter of the spring’s cap is 1,41 inches. The Amana washer suspension rods set includes the following items: 4 rods, 4 balls, and 4 bushings. The purpose of the spare part is to reduce the washer tub’s vibrations. Even if one of the rods set fails, the device may fail and begin moving or shaking during the operation.

amana washer suspension rods

The Good

Reduces vibrations



The Bad

Is not compatible with all the models

Inaccurate washer’s door opening and closing can lead to breakdowns. Also, the mechanism may wear out through the years of regular usage and need to be replaced.

But this is not a problem if you have a spare part in the face of the Amana washer door latch. This product may fit Amana and Whirlpool washers and fix the problem with the door mechanism immediately. This spare part attracts washing machines owners with its mounting clarity – even inexperienced users can install it in a matter of minutes.

amana washer door latch

The Good

Qualitative product

Long service life

The Bad

Needs to check the compatibility

This replacement product was produced by GlobalSolutionsUSA. This is a trustworthy Amana washer timer, that may be installed manually even with the lack of experience.

The item fits such washers models, like Amana, Roper, Maytag, Norge, Whirlpool, Admiral, Magic Chef. The replacement item is constructed in accordance with modern technologies. It responses to strict requirements and may return your washer the lost functionality. The product’s model number is 8572976A. 

amana washer timer

Though the accessory weighs 1 pound only, it may help to repair your appliance and continue enjoying its stable operation.

The Good

Easy installation


The Bad

Verify the model matching

Look at this repair kit, created specially for your washer’s agitator. It perfectly fits either Amana washers, or Estate products. This Amana washer agitator may be used as a replacement part in order to restore your device’s functionality.

It’s no secret that agitator is regularly subjected to severe stress, especially if the washer is used daily. Therefore, having noticed even the slightest breakdown, the failed element should be removed and replaced with a new one. Fortunately, today you can easily purchase a new spare part. 

amana washer agitator

The only thing before buying is to check the compliance of the spare parts with your washing machine.

The Good

Low price

Fits various washer models

The Bad

Installation requires the specific skills

Drain hose is one more detail, which often fails. It helps to fill the washer’s tank with water, and then to drain it out. 

The drain hose may burst due to wear-out, manufacturing defects, or due to inaccurate washer‘s movement. This Amana washer drain hose is suitable for Whirlpool and Amana washing machines. The manufacturer offers to get acquainted with an extensive list of compatible appliances models. The majority of buyers prefer the Amana washing machine drain hose thanks to its easy mounting and high materials quality.

amana washer drain hose

The Good

Made of qualitative plastic

Bends easily


The Bad

One should check the compatibility

The drain pump is undoubtedly the washing machine’s heart. In the event of its breakdown, the normal functioning of the device becomes impossible. Therefore, if the washer stopped reacting to commands, first of all, exclude the drain pump breakdown.

Having revealed that this spare part is out of order, use a new replacement spare part. This Amana washer motor model is characterized by the high-quality assembly, long service life, reasonable price. It is compatible not only with Amana products but also Maytag (make sure that the spare part suits your washing machine beforehand).

amana washer motor

The Good

Long service life

Stable functioning

Best price

The Bad

Make sure the item fits your washer model

Guide to Buying the Best Amana Washer Parts

amana parts

Buying spare parts is the fate of any washer owner, regardless of its brand. We have answered some of the most common questions regarding the Amana washers repair and the spare parts purchase.

Where to buy the Amana washer parts?

Today the Amana NTW4516FW parts (and others) can be bought in ordinary stores with household appliances (mainly service centers), and remotely – in one of the online stores. The latter purchase format seems more convenient, faster and profitable. You have the opportunity to compare prices for the Amana washer repair parts from different sellers, get acquainted with real Amana front load washer parts reviews, make a purchase remotely, pay for the necessary spare part and receive it after a short time period with home delivery. It is very convenient and fast method of the Amana front load washer replacement parts purchasing.

How should I fix my Amana washer?

Searching for popular Amana washer replacement parts, people sometimes forget about the most simple and at the same time efficient products. For instance, this is a washer belt, in most cases made of durable, qualitative rubber. This belt helps to fix the washing machine. It allows you to securely settle the device in one place to prevent its tracing, movement and noise during operation. Shaking the device can adversely affect both the operation of internal mechanisms and the integrity of the product’s body. The belt will protect the device and give you the opportunity to enjoy its almost silent operation. Note, that belt is rightly included in the popular Amana washer parts list.

Is the Amana a good washing machine?

Frankly speaking, experts rank the washing machines of this brand in the middle price and quality category. In terms of functionality and appearance richness, it is difficult to compare it with more expensive and modern household appliances. Nevertheless, these devices managed to establish themselves as sufficiently high-quality and capable of serving for many years. Any washing machine, regardless of the price tag, may fail. In this situation, replacement parts for Amana washing machine come to the rescue. Most of them are designed in such a way that you can install it yourself, without specialists’ assistance.


The Amana washers are high-grade appliances despite the low price tag. These devices are of the basic type,  feature a minimum set of options. Having purchased the Amana washer parts breakdown may be easily eliminated without the specialists’ involvement and unnecessary cash expenses.

Who makes the Amana washers and dryers?

The mentioned dryers and washers are produced by the Amana brand (Whirlpool’s ownership). The manufacturer applies leading technologies and high-quality components to extend the life of household appliances and give users maximum comfort. However, even the operation of such reliable and financially affordable washers and dryers can result in failures. The modern market offers an abundance of parts for Amana washer. They are constructed both by Whirlpool and other brands. Most of Amana clothes washer parts are universal so that users of different washers can also use it for repairs. Parts for Amana washing machine are characterized by solidity, fastness, fail-safety.

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