The 10 Best Small Washers and Dryers of 2024

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The decision to buy a small washer and dryer is a good idea for those who cannot afford the purchase of expensive household appliances. If you have a little space in the laundry, our rating is just for you. Small washer for an apartment is a good idea. Do you like to travel or live in a motorhome? Laundry problems are successfully solved! Buy small washer and dryer combo and forget about searching for a common laundry. Thousands of Americans have already understood the benefits of such household appliances.

Effective cleaning of clothes and linen is possible today. Small washer and dryer combo contribute to this. Home appliances from our rating will help to cope with such a task just in 10-15 minutes. Small washer machine does not need much space in your apartment. Other equipment benefits include convenient carrying, easy and fast connection, silent engine working.

Small washer and dryer

Our Top 3 Best Small Washers and Dryers

Get acquainted with 3 best washer and dryer units

The Best Small Washers and Dryers - Top 10 Reviews

Look hrough the list of the 10 best small washers and dryers

* $ – under $100; $$ – under $200; $$$ – under $300

You will not need to go to the general laundry room or wash clothes manually in the bath if you buy Giantex appliances. It is the best small washer and dryer with two inner tanks.

The kit comes with a tube for connecting to the sewer. By paying less than $100, you get a small washer dryer with the dimensions of 31 x 27 x 16 inches; much more freedom and opportunities, which is provided by efficient electronics; the ability to take household appliances on any trip. This small washer and dryer is an impeccable leader in the ranking. You can see all the equipment parameters on the manufacturer’s website. You will not find any negative reviews about this unit.

Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine

The Good

Big capacity

Stylish looking

Optimal dimensions

The Bad

Water leaking (in case of water level exceeding)

Super Deal small washer dryers are the devices featuring the pre-setting options. This model will be ideal for those who have been looking for reliable portable household appliances.

The small washer machine is lightweight, allows you to move it to any place in the laundry room and easily transfer in the car. Among the reasons to buy this particular model is the following: washing power 300 W; low item weight — 26.5 pounds. Its spin works at a speed of 1300 RPM; the case is made of durable plastic.


Small washer and dryer set is the best helper in your house. The manufacturer guarantees that the device will operate without breakdowns for ten years. This is a good purchase.

SUPER DEAL Portable Compact Mini Twin Tub

The Good

Reasonable price

Durability guaranteed

High-quality materials and components

The Bad

Small container for spinning

Are you looking for convenient home appliances? ROVSUN small washer and dryer set would be the best choice.

Having bought such an apparatus, you will be able to understand what time-saving during washing is. This device fits easily in any niche. The equipment is undemanding to service. This is a good reason to buy. High productivity is its main advantage. Among the other parameters are the following:  the presence of a transparent cover on the top of small washer and dryer; perfect scratch-resistant plastic. The presented small washer and dryer sets run almost silently.

ROVSUN 13.4LBS Portable Twin Tub Washing Machine

The Good

High-quality washing and spinning

Small size

Operating silently

The Bad

Time consuming

Do you want to reduce washing time to 15 minutes only? It is possible with a Zenstyle small washer and dryer sets usage.

ZenStyle always supplies customers with reliable equipment. The noise level is average. The engine’s power is 300 watts. Among the other advantages are the following: the purchase of a small washer and dryer is a saving money decision; ease of storage; saving space in the laundry; quality certificates and pipes added.


One may obtain more information by visiting the manufacturer’s website. The presented household appliances can be delivered to the door. Order small washer and dryer now.

ZenStyle portable single tub machine review

The Good

Low price

Small size

The Bad

Operating loudly

KUPPET is a reliable supplier of household appliances. The company suggests experiencing the new apparatus with a total capacity of 13 pounds.

You can forget about the problems of common laundries for a long time. Small washer for apartment fits easily in any niche. You can carry the device with you in a car or van —  the case is made of durable plastic. The unit has several important advantages that should be noted.


The best small washer and dryer has a compact size – perfect for small flats, dorms, and apartments. The offered small washer and dryer has electronic performance and simple washing control system.

KUPPET Washing Machine

The Good

Small size

Time control system

The Bad

No water filter build-in

Short water hose

Jupiter Force — is a small washer and dryer that is equipped with a drain pipe.

Such a component makes it easy to drain dirty water into the sewers. Such household appliances will be indispensable for people who have settled in a small apartment or motorhome. The small washer and dryer for small spaces features low maintenance.


Among the other advantages of the product are the following: standard power source —  110V/60Hz; average engine power; delicacy of washing, which is provided by the ability to control the modes. Energy-saving, quiet-working, easy in maintenance.

JupiterForce 2 in 1

The Good



Modern design

The Bad

High price

The only manual handled washing portable unit, eager to wash even sweaters and jeans. Do its best, is easy in operating, money-saving!

Get acquainted with the best portable washer and dryer among manual-handled ones. It is perfect for dorms, modest apartments, all the other tiny dwellings.


This small machine doesnt consume electricity – this is a the best and most reliable manual washer ever known.


Its dimensions are the following: 24 x 19 x 19 inches. The machine weighs 14 pounds. It may easily become your best home-helper.

Lavario portable washer review

The Good

Manual usage

Simple and durable construction

The Bad

Low laundry capacity

Giantex appliances are often chosen by those, who prefer small washer and dryer. You can buy this full-automatic device and use it in your apartment, dorm or RV.

One of its advantages is automatic water drainage. This reliable household appliance with small dimensions has i8 lbs. capacity. It is enough to wash one person’s clothes regularly. If you are single or traveling in a motorhome, buy the presented small washer and dryer combo for apartments.


The advantages of Giantex equipment are undeniable: lightweight and small shape; compact design “2 in 1”; the ability to program the control panel; several water levels.

The Good

Full-automatic unit


The Bad

High price

Short water hose

This is a portable small washer and dryer that works without electricity. The device may be used even for jeans washing. A household appliance pays for itself in 4-5 trips.

You can take the small washer and dryer on a trip and feel no worry about the need to find a common laundry. It is lightweight and easy to use.


Among the main advantages of the product are the following: simple in usage; one of the cheapest producs; high-quality materials and components.  


Coming as 9th on the list, household appliances features low maintenance. 

Clothes washer bucket review

This is a device that will work for a long time. It costs less than $ 100, including shipping. The mentioned fact attracts many people with average incomes.

The Good


High-quality plastic

Easy usage

The Bad

Low laundry capacity

Low spinning

A light small washer and dryer for apartments is what you want for a long time. 0.9 Cu. equipment can be easily taken on a trip.

Due to the automated cycles of washing, rinsing, and spinning, clothes retain their attractive appearance. You can use a special platform to move household appliances. Among other advantages of the equipment are the following: the presence of a drainage pump; 5 different washing modes; small washer and dryer has low power —  200 watts.  This product is straightforward yet attractive. There is nothing simpler than this device. Your clothes will be clean in 15 minutes. Such home appliances would be the best choice for those who travel a lot.

hOmeLabs 0.9 Cu. Ft. Portable Washing Machine

The Good


5 washing modes build-in

Attractive design

The Bad

High price

Guide to Buying the Best Small Washer and Dryer

small washer and dryer combo

Experts are ready to offer you some tips on choosing and buying such devices as portable washers and dryers. Check out the answers to the most common questions below.

Buying any household appliances is a serious and costly undertaking, and a portable washing machine is no exception. Buyers are always worried about a number of questions, the answers to which can help make a really right choice. We have considered a few basic questions and answered them to give you the opportunity to buy the best small washer and dryer.

What is the smallest full-size washer and dryer?

If you want to buy a small washer and dryer, choose a device with a removable inner tank. So you can minimize the need for free space. KUPPET is one of the best manufacturers of such equipment. The company supplies customers with devices featuring different volumes of the internal tank. If you choose a small washer and dryer for apartments, the total capacity of 8 pounds is the best option. This is a lightweight and easy to carry apparatus. Notice, that Giantex home appliances are also noteworthy.

What is the best small washing machine?

A small washer and dryer is just as useful as a professional one. The concrete option to be chosen will depend on your laundry needs. The amount of free space is also important. Visiting stores, one may find dozens of options. If you have not decided which one to choose, ask for help from a consultant. When choosing household appliances, do not forget about the need to connect it to the sewer. If you do not take this parameter into account, additional concerns will arise. The quality of the material is also important. The stainless steel is heavier than plastic. However, such materials hardly differ in durability.

What are the quietest washers and dryers?

Small washer and dryer has up to 1300RPM. Such appliances will clean and spin clothes like professional ones. Most of the models put in our review are silent, working even without electricity usage. Each manufacturer has its parameters. However, if you take into account that the washing lasts only 15 minutes, this will not cause discomfort. Each model is added with control panels. This device allows you to select the operating mode, reducing noise. You can сontrol such parameters with LED Indicators. It is simple and convenient for every person.

What is the best portable washer and dryer?

If you are minimalist or eco-friendly, buy a hand-crank washing machine. The performance of such a device will be sufficient. For a family with two people, it is better to choose more expensive devices. The capacity of the tank is also important. If you choose the size of the inner tank successfully, you will not wash several times a day. However, in the first option, you will save electricity, water and cleaning supplies. Affordable mid-range product is very suitable for single people.

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