The 22 Best Washing Machine Drain Hoses of 2020

By Amy Mitchelle/ Last Updated: June 21

Any modern washing machine is a household appliance with a fixed set of essential elements. The performance and functionality of the washing machine depend on the quality and reliability of each of them. A washing machine drain hose can rightfully be considered an essential and genuinely irreplaceable element. The build-in washer drain hose is responsible for draining dirty water after clothes washing. Even though the manufacturers provide mainly reliable fixation of such a hose and protect it from damage, it may fail sooner or later. Have you found some water near the washing machine? Be sure the flow from the drain hose is a cause of its appearance. Washing machine drain hose extension length is individual in each case.

To prevent the occurrence of such a situation, you can assess the condition of the drain hose and prevent its breakage, or replace it with a new one in time. Modern web-stores suggest you buying lots of drain hoses varieties from different manufacturers. Let us consider and review the main types of drain hose for washer from reliable and trusted brands. The following recommendations will help you to make the right choice and purchase high-quality drain hose for washing machine.

Washing Machine drain hose

Our Top 3 Best Washing Machine Drain Hoses

Get acquainted with 3 best drain hose models

The Best Washing Machine Drain Hoses - Top 22 Reviews

Look hrough the list of the 22 best washing machine drain hoses

1. MyLifeUNIT Universal Drain Hose Kit

Universal adjustable drain hose from MyLifeUNIT. Its advantage lies in the possibility of using this hose for any inlets (perfectly adapts to 1-1 / 4Inch, 1-1 / 3-Inch, 1-1 / 2-Inch, and 1-2 / 3-Inch outlets).

The presented washing machine drain hose extension kit is a 6-foot item. The device is flexible and versatile, that is especially important for the standard installation and operation of the washer machine drain hose. The basic package includes rather long washing machine drain hose and the hose clamp.

MyLifeUnit drain hose review

This is a fine solution for all washing machine brands. It’s durable, easy to install and reliable while using. High product’s quality is ensured by worthy materials used for its manufacturing (PVC).

The Good

Universal product

Low cost

High-quality plastic

The Bad

Drop formation possible

2. K&J Drain Hose With Clamp

This polypropylene drain pipe is the perfect solution for most brands of modern washing machines, including Samsung, Kenmore, LG, Maytag, Whirlpool, GE, Bosch, etc. The presented washer drain hose extension is equal to 6 ft. This hose is easy to install, provides high water flow.

Thanks to its spiral shape, the washing machine discharge hose can be used for a long time and not be damaged.


The increased inner diameter will reduce the pressure on the pump of the washing machine. The drain connection may perfectly fit almost all drain hoses up to 1-1/4″. 

Heavy-duty drain hose

Features durable polypropylene flexible body, special hose clamp and multiple corrugations guaranteeing maximum flexibility without the hose length loss.

The Good

High-quality polypropylene


Guarantee from te manufacturer

The Bad

Unsuitable hose clamp size

3. Zulu Supply LLC Drain Discharge Hose (12 ft.)

This is an extra-large solution fitting almost all washer’s types. Purchase this extra-long hose and ensure the quality and durability of the washing machine. This extra long washing machine drain hose features 12 ft. extension. It is compatible with the 1 inch, 1-1/8 inch and 1-1/4 inch outlets.

This long washer drain hose combines low price and rich potential. Another advantage of the product is its simple installation procedure.


Just 3 steps – cutting the hose according to the input diameter of your washing machine, fixing with clamp (included in the package), J-hook setting on the end of the drain.

Zulu drain hose 12 ft.

The Good

Extra-long solution

High-quality plastic

Low cost

The Bad

Weak clamp

4. Drain Hose Assembly for LG and Kenmore

The presented product is compatible with Kenmore or LG washing machines. If you find a leak in the drain horse of your washing machine, order Kenmore washer drain hose and repair it by yourself. The most important advantage of this drain pipe is that you may simply install it after viewing a short explanatory video. 

Check out all of the washer models compatible with the Kenmore washing machine drain hose presented. The product is made of EVA material, is flexible and durable at the same time. Such washing machine discharge hoses will be a real salvation in situations when you need to eliminate a leak urgently (if the drain hose breaks).

LG and Kenmore drain hose

The Good

Perfect replacement

Small and reliable

The Bad

Fits not all the washing machnies models

Universal drain hose from a reputable manufacturer Zulu Supply. The hose is 13 feet long, enough for a reliable connection to a washing machine.

The accessory is compatible with the most well-known models of washing machines (preferred diameter is from 1-1 / 4 to 1-2 / 3 inches). The product is made of durable and thick rubber, which reduces the risk of leakage or breakage. A clamp is included in the kit to ensure tight fixation. This washer discharge hose can be classified as extra-long.

Zulu supply drain hose

The Good

High-quality product


The Bad

Weak clip

6. DCI Drain Hose

This is a drain hose from DCI. It has an 8-ft. length, adjustable and robust construction, an outlet end, ideal for the following plugs: 1-, 1-1 / 8- and 1-1 / 4-Inch.

The product can be easily shortened to the desired length, individually. This model can be easily bent (without fear of damage). The kit includes a clamp made of stainless steel. The gray drain hose is easy to install and safe to exploit. The item is made of lasting materials, guaranteeing the qualitative appliance’s usage.

The Good

Can be cut

Durable product

Steel clamp included

The Bad

Thin rubber

7. Raven Replacement Drain Hose

The package includes one corrugated interchangeable drain hose up to 4 feet long. It is convenient to replace old drain hoses both on washing machines (mainly Whirlpool). The tube diameter is 1 1/8 ”. This spare part is of high quality and reliability, guarantees a long service life of your washing machine.

The manufacturer offers a return of goods (in the event of defects manufacturing) within 90 days after purchase. The advantage of the Whirlpool washing machine drain hose is its robust and flexible structure. It also has a sturdy rubber connector, with which fasteners are fixed directly to the washing machine, or to another hose (for lengthening).

Raven drain hose

The Good

Strong, flexible body


The Bad

Narrow connector

8. Zulu Supply LLC Drain Hose (12 ft.)

The Zulu Supply replacement hose is 12 ft. long. The suggested product is made of premium rubber. The manufacturer guarantees the highest level of protection against leaks and damage when twisting the hose.

The discussed drain hose owes its popularity to universal size – this solution is ideal for almost all known brands of washing machines (input 1, 1-1 / 8, 1-1 / 4 inches). This is a relatively inexpensive and reliable solution that provides long-term and uninterrupted household appliances’ operation. The kit includes a special clamp that fixates the hose.

12 ft. Zulu drain hose

The Good

Universal item


The Bad

Weak clamp

9. Kelaro Flexible Drain Hose

Robust and flexible replaceable hose for washing machines is presented to your attention. This is an excellent solution in the case of household appliances’ breakdown.

The Kelaro hose’s length is 8 ft. The package includes a strong plastic hook and steel clamp. The corrugated hose can be easily cut to the length you need to ensure the tightest and most reliable fit. Perfect for washing machines of such brands as Maytag, Kenmore, GE, LG, Samsung, Haier and others. 

Kelaro flexible drain hose

An excellent solution for plugs with the following sizes: 1, 1-1 / 8, 1-1 / 4 inches.

The Good

Compatible with most well-known brands

Durable plastic

Simple installation

The Bad

Thin hose end

10. Dokaworld Corrugated Drain Hose

10 ft. drain hose is ideal as a replacement component for a failed washing machine. The majority of buyers are attracted by its universality.

The product has an adjustable head, and therefore is perfect for connections in sizes 1, 1-1 / 8, 1-1 / 4 inches. Please note that the manufacturer has carefully added the basic package with a reliable steel clamp. Therefore, even with minimal dexterity, you will have no problems when changing the drain hose. Sufficient hose length is a no leaks guarantee.

10 ft. universal drain hose

The Good


Simple installation


The Bad

Poor quality clamp

11. HOSOM Discharge Drain Hose

This is a 12 ft. drain hose, made of strong and robust corrugated polypropylene. This product guarantees the complete leaks absence: it is easy to install, the fasteners are reliable enough, and the plastic is durable. This hose can be individually adapted to the connection of the desired size.

Traditionally, these are 3 acceptable options – 1, 1-1 / 8, 1-1 / 4 inches. This hose has a higher flexibility factor, which extends its service life. The design of the hose is U-shaped, thanks to which you can easily mount it in the wall drain (located on the back of the washing machine). If you purchase this drain hose washing machine will be reliably protected against leaks.

Hosom drain hose

The Good




The Bad

Poor quality clamp

12. W&W Extra-long Drain Hose

Choose this 12 ft. drain hose, if you need a reliable and durable connection with your washing machine. The presented drain tube has a corrugated surface, and therefore it is not afraid of any bends and twists. For your convenience, the manufacturer included 3 reliable clamps made of strong steel in the package. 

The result is the most solid and reliable fit and the complete absence of leaks. The length of the hose is 12 ft., which is quite enough when installing the washing machine. An extra-long solution allows you to place this actual home appliance in the needed place without worrying if the hose will reach it.

w&w drain hose

The Good

3 clamps included

Duravble and reliable

The Bad

Clamp may leak

13. MyLifeUNIT Drain Hose (6 ft.)

The suggested product besides the hose itself contains 1 extension adapter and 2 clamps. The adapter’s diameter is 21 mm (ideal for pipes with an inner diameter of up to 20 mm). The product is made of first-class plastic, perfectly resists water pressure, is flexible, and durable enough. 

Using it, you can easily replace the old drain hose or extend the existing one without outside help. The product’s length is 6 ft. Its installation is simple and straightforward, does not require special tools. Use the 18-32 mm clamps included in the kit for maximum firmness and long-term fixation.

MyLifeUnit 6 ft drain hose

The Good

Extension adapter and 2 clamps included

No leaks guaranteed

Profitable price

The Bad

The hose is shorter then the original one

14. Samsung OEM DC97-12534D Original Drain Hose

Apply the suggested Samsung washer drain hose in order to quickly and easily replace the old and failed one. According to the multiple user’s reviews, this is an original OEM accessory, that perfectly fits washing machines, produced by Samsung. 

The presented Samsung washer drain hose extension is enough in order to connect it to the washing machine and enjoy its stable operation. If your household appliances began to have difficulties with water draining, or you have noticed water nearby, be sure to check the integrity and quality of the drain hose connection.

Samsung drain hose

The Good

Original product

High quality guaranteed

The Bad

Additional steel clamps needed

15. Samsung DD67-00059A Drain Hose - Best Durable

The presented Samsung washing machine drain hose is an ideal variant for repairing your home appliance. Use its potential in order to replace old drain hose.

Also, one may apply it, planning to elongate the installed drain hose (normal one). This hose differs from the universal ones: it is suitable specifically for Samsung washing machines (according to the manufacturer, for most of them). The Samsung washing machine drain hose extension declared by the manufacturer is quite enough for washing machine connecting.

Original Samsung drain hose

The Good

Original part

Fits the majority of Samsung washing machines

The Bad

Pricy item

16. SAMSUNG DC97-15273A Drain Hose

The manufacturer strongly recommends making sure that this hose matches your washing machine model before purchasing this product. It is noted that the length of the hose is 12.4 inches.

The weight of the hose is about 1.2 pounds. Even having no experience in installing washing machines or other plumbing, you can quickly and easily replace an old hose with a new one. Just purchase this kit and instantly fix the new product in the face of the drain hose. The product is made of high-quality plastic, has a corrugated surface, and therefore ensures a long and stable operation of the washing machine.

OEM original Samsung drain hose

The Good

Original product

Simple and quick installation

The Bad

Doesn't fit every Samsung washing machine model

17. LG Electronics 5214FR3188G Drain Hose

The presented item is made of durable gray plastic. So, the LG washing machine drain hose is ready to serve you for a long time. Look through the list of compatible models in order to realize a successful purchase. 

The LG washing machine drain hose extension is entirely sufficient for a comfortable and easy washing machine installation in a suitable place. The majority of users’ reviews confirm that this item fits perfectly and serves as well. One may look through some videos on the Internet in order to be aware of the necessary installation steps.

LG Electronics drain hose

The Good

Easy to install

Reliable in usage

The Bad

Fits not every LG washing machines models

18. LG Electronics 5215ER2002G Drain Hose Assembly

Any drain hose will dry out sooner or later and let it leak. The presented set of hose and fasteners is ideal if you need a replacement part for the washing machine urgently. If the old hose is leaky, or you just want to extend the existing hose, use this solution. 

The LG washer drain hose exactly matches the parameters specified by the manufacturer. To install the part, you will need to remove the upper and front washer covers aiming to get direct access to the hose. The LG washing machine drain hose extension kit is undoubtedly the best original solution to replace an old, worn part.

LG Electronics 5215ER2002G drain hose

The Good

Long enough hose

Great quality

The Bad

Fails quickly

19. LG AEM69493807 Drain Hose Assembly

Original detail fitting almost all known LG washing machine models.

Nevertheless, the manufacturer reminds us to learn all the available models (user’s manual contains such information). If you need to replace an old hose, refer to this accessory for help. The manufacturer guarantees first-class corrugation quality, plastic strength, endurance and durability of the product. Using this item your washing machine will drain water perfectly without leakage.

LG AEM69493807 drain hose

The Good

Original LG product

Functions without issue

The Bad

May not fit your appliance model (verify from the manufacturer)

20. GE Corrugated Drain Hose

Black drain hose from the GE manufacturer. The item is suitable for the 1/2-ft. hose. The GE washer drain hose is made of high-quality flexible and elastic material, which guarantees a high degree of protection against breakage (even when bent). 

The length of this drain hose is exactly the same length as the original hoses on GE washing machines. Due to the fact that this is a high-quality original GE washing machine drain hose extension kit, you should not doubt its quality and reliability.

GE WH41X10096 drain hose

The Good

Flexible and strong

Beneficial price

The Bad

May not fit your washing machine (verify the model number)

21. GE WD24X10062 Drain Hose for Dishwasher - Best Price

This type of spare drain hose is designed for dishwashers manufactured by the famous GE brand. The white plastic hose is characterized by the strong rubber and joints.

The product is original (fully consistent with the native tube in a GE dishwasher). The hose is 5 ft. long. The manufacturer assures that the GE washing machine drain hose can be taken both to lengthen the item you have and to replace a worn out one. Due to the fact that the spare part is original, it cannot be shortened (differs from universal solutions).

GE WD24X10062 Dishwasher Drain Hose

The Good

High-quality replacement part


The Bad

May leak

22. General Electric WH49X301 Replacement Drain Hose

Welcome the original replacement part for washing machines from the popular General Electric (GE) brand. The length of this replacement hose is identical to the hose that is factory-installed in the GE washing machine. Black water drain hose was made in China. 

This kit is complemented by special steel clamps and gaskets made of durable wear-resistant rubber. Thanks to special fasteners, the hose is completely waterproof. The product’s length is 3 ft. Using a factory hose, you can extend the product up to 8 ft. (the factory drain hose is 5 ft. long.).

Black GE drain hose

The Good

Long service life

Simple and fast installation

The Bad

Pricy product

Guide to Buying the Best Washing Machine Drain Hoses

washer drain hose

Buying and installing a drain hose often raise lots of questions. We suggest you get acquainted with the detailed answers to the most popular of them below.

We have prepared several common questions, connected with the topic of drain hoses choosing, installing and using. Read through the following information and apply it in order to purchase the best product ever!

Are washing machine drain hoses universal?

This question is frequently asked by every second buyer who plans to remove a malfunction in the washing machine (mainly this is the problem of the drain hose leaking). Are all the washer drain hoses universal? Nowadays, a huge number of drain hoses are available on the market and most of them are truly universal. What does it mean? Universal washing machine drain hoses make it possible to use them for different models of dishwashers and washing machines. Such hoses are designed so that you can cut them to the desired size (length, the inlet diameter).

What is the diameter of a washing machine drain hose?

A drain hose is one of the important components of any washing machine or even dishwasher. Typically, the factory hose of such household appliances ranges from 1 to 1 ½ inch in size. This is a common standard, which is generally adhered to by all well-known manufacturers of household appliances. However, this option may vary.

How long can washing machine drain hose be?

The drain hose should be long enough to allow the user to connect it at one end to a washing machine or dishwasher and at the other end directly to the sewer into which the water will be drained. Manufacturers offer different options for such hoses, ranging in length from 5 to 13 ft. Undoubtedly, much depends on the specific hose model and the concrete manufacturer. Tubes for 12-13 ft. are considered to be extra-long. The 5-8 inch hoses are considered  to be standard ones.

How do you secure a washer drain hose?

In addition to a competent installation, any drain hose needs proper protection against accidental loss or breakdown. What is worth undertaking? Firstly, you should clearly follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the product installing. This will allow you to complete the entire installation procedure correctly and prevent early hose wear out. Secondly, you should pay attention to special fasteners, which are usually sold complete with a drain hose. One of them is a washing machine drain hose holder for laundry and utility sinks. This item may provide high protection level for the drain hose. In other words, using it, you can fix the product as firmly as possible, preventing it from moving away from the riser at the time of a sharp water supply or in case of water pressure differences. A special washing machine drain hose hook may help you to secure the installed product.


The majority of the manufacturers are ready to offer you a set of clamps specifically for concrete types of hoses. After reviewing the user manual, you will find recommended methods for the drain pipe installing. It is important to locate the hose in such a way as to avoid a vacuum inside the product, ensure normal water drainage and reduce the load on the motor of the washing machine.

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