How do portable washer and dryer combos work?

By Amy Mitchelle/ Last Updated: May 24

how do portable washer and dryer combos work

No one doubts the decent portable washing machines’ quality. But even more attention is quite deservedly attracted by combo solutions that unite simultaneously portable washer and dryer in one device. In order to save space in such washing machines, the same tank may be used both for washing and subsequently for drying the laundry. Each mini washing machine is ready to surprise you with modest dimensions, stylish, space-saving design, vindicated high efficiency.

Is a portable washer and dryer worth it?

The purchase of such a compact and highly productive combo solution is entirely justified. Such a washing machine and dryer will be incredibly convenient and beneficial in all respects for the small apartments’ and flats’ residents. If you still do not know where to place such household appliances, choose portable solutions and use them in almost any room (including non-residential areas).

If your tiny house does not have a separate laundry room, this is not a reason to give up using household appliances. It would help if you looked for compact portable solutions such as washer and dryer combos. Many modern manufacturers supply high-quality and hardy samples to the home appliance market. 

portable washer and dryer

These are household appliances of incredibly small dimensions, combining two important options at once – washing and drying clothes. This is very important, especially for residents of hostels, campsites, small apartments, and other living areas that are not able to pamper dwellers with an abundance of free space.


Many buyers who have already become happy owners of such household appliances admit that they were worth the money spent. Of course, in terms of spaciousness, washing quality, and spinning power, such combo solutions are unlikely to be compared with stationary household appliances. However, they are becoming the best invention for small houses, trailers, dorm rooms.

How to use a portable washer and dryer in an apartment?

mini washing machine

How to use such household appliances properly if you live in an apartment? First, it is worth planning the location of the equipment in advance. Compare the availability of a free area in the house and the combo household appliances’ dimensions. Do not forget about the presence of the socket into which you need to plug the device. Make sure that the level of power consumption and your home socket’s voltage are matching.

The next stage is the installation of the device and its first test run. Study the instructions carefully, even if it seems to you that there is nothing new and complicated in the device. The manufacturer always shares technical information and practical advice with the consumer that will be useful during daily operation. Place the combo washer and dryer in a suitable location (dry, well-ventilated area, away from direct sunlight).


Portable devices always feature two hoses (inlet and outlet). They are used for adding and pumping water from the washing machine. Open the bag with fasteners (they always come with household appliances).

Make sure all fittings and hoses fit your faucet. The mount must be strong enough to prevent even the most minor leaks. If there is not enough water flowing into the machine (due to a loose hose connection), this can cause some breakdowns and become a reason for poor washing quality. That is why it is so important to install the appliance correctly and test it by starting the first wash (permissible even without clothes, empty). In this case, you do not need to add the detergent.

The next step allows you to start the machine for the first time with dirty laundry and powder. Usually, the detergent is added directly to the laundry tub, but you can find a special compartment for the detergent in some washing machines. After selecting the desired washing mode, start the device. When the washing and spinning cycles are over, it’s high time for drying. Some compact portable washing machines use one tub for washing and then drying items. These are inexpensive appliances that make you spend a lot of time on household chores. Also, there are double-tub portable solutions with 2 separate tubs – one for washing and the second – for drying. Accordingly, these are more functional and, accordingly, more expensive devices, pleasing with reliability, convenience, and ease of management.

Don’t expect top-notch performance and an abundance of features by choosing a portable washer and dryer solutions for your home. They usually offer a minimal set of options (the most important ones). In most cases, after the drying cycle, the laundry will be almost dry but still slightly damp. Hang it up to evaporate excess moisture. Some people complain that portable dryers do not make clothes 100% dry. However, they allow you to squeeze out almost all the moisture from things and please with a good result. This is better than drying clothes after a regular wash and spin.

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