How does a mini single tub washing machine work?

By Amy Mitchelle/ Last Updated: May 10

How does a mini single tub washing machine work

Small household appliances are always highly valued. If we talk about compact washing machines, this type of equipment is indispensable in small apartments and houses, student dormitories, and trailers. Any mini washing machine saves your time, money, and living place. Tonight, we suggest you discuss the fundamental principles of the operation of such equipment. Let’s talk about the compact washing machine technical design and the main nuances of its functioning.

Mini single tub washing machines technical features

Before talking about such devices’ operational rules, it is important to highlight the basic features of their technical structure. Externally, the plastic body of such washing machines is similar to any other stationary washing machine. The main difference is the reduced, more compact dimensions of the device. Similarly, the tank of such a single washing machine is also more compact. Despite the modest dimensions of the body and the tank, such equipment is capacious enough.

The impeller or agitator is located at the bottom of such washing machines’ tanks. This element makes the clothes inside the tank rotate, provides powder foaming, simulates hand washing. 

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The impeller is a compact, flat spare part, and therefore does not take up much space in the drum (in comparison with the agitator). Also, the impeller uses significantly less water and delivers a more gentle yet better wash.


The rotation of the impeller allows moving the clothes from the outer tank’s edge to the center, guaranteeing an optimal friction level. The impeller is characterized by a shortened drying cycle achieved due to a high spin speed (the ability to quickly and efficiently remove moisture from clothing). The compact impeller size saves space inside the washing machine and allows you to load more clothes into it than into the agitator-type washing machine. 


In turn, the agitator rubs against the clothes fabric, allowing it to act on dirt mechanically. Some buyers avoid it for fear of aggressive effects on clothes, while others, on the contrary, prefer the impeller (referring to the high quality of washing). Note that the agitator-type washing machines are characterized by shorter wash cycles.

Basic operation principles and exploitation recommendations

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What is the main working principle of the mini single tub washing machines? Their appearance may differ slightly (body size, design, color) but have a similar operation method. All these small washers feature an inlet hose that connects to your faucet. The manufacturer always offers the necessary set of hoses and fasteners for correct installation, connection, and use (basic device configuration). After filling the washing machine with the required amount of water, add the detergent to the provided compartment. But keep in mind that in most cases, compact portable washers feature no special detergent dispenser. So, pour the detergent directly into the tank with dirty laundry.


Manufacturers and users strongly recommend giving preference to liquid detergents. These are gels with a light, pleasant scent and low foaming effect. If you do not find special detergents on sale, you can use baby washing gels. A gentle, clean composition distinguishes them. Such detergents form a minimum of foam and, at the same time, wash well, even serious dirt.

After the machine has run a complete washing cycle, you will need to drain the dirty water. To realize this, use the outlet hose (it connects to the washing machine and discharges into the sink or any other drain). If the washing machine is an automatic type, the water drains quickly without the user’s involvement. But in this case, the device features a water pump (ready to pump clean water for washing and then to pump it out in the same way, draining into a place provided by the user).


The essential operation principle of such single mini washers is simple and quite understandable. The most important thing is to install the device correctly and ensure that all fasteners are reliable (fixed to the tap and the special holes provided in the machine body). It is equally important to choose the correct mode for washing a particular garment, depending on its fabric type (cotton, delicate, quick wash, etc.). Most of the single mini washers feature a transparent lid, allowing you to watch all the washing processes from the beginning to the end.

Compact and functional small washing machines with a single tank delight with their performance and space-saving design. They are indispensable for families living in small houses or often moving from one place to another. Likewise, this technique is indispensable for singles or students. Proper installation, careful operation, and proper washing mode selection will ensure a long and pleasurable devices’ service life.

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