How does a portable clothes dryer work?

By Amy Mitchelle/ Last Updated: August 11

How does a portable clothes dryer work

A portable dryer is truly a man’s best friend. Portable dryers are ideal for condos, campers, and apartments. Unfortunately, not every modern home allows its owners to dry clothes comfortably (no balcony, terrace). But even if you have a garden where you can hang your clothes outside, there are scenarios when it’s better to use a portable clothes dryer. This device is similar to an ordinary home dryer but can be moved around easily. Most of them are capacious enough and satisfy large families’ needs. Let’s detect what its operating principle is.

Is a portable dryer really efficient?

Portable dryers are quite convenient. In fact, they are one of the most popular devices due to their versatility. Families who do not have access to a closet or basement can choose a portable washer machine for drying their laundry fast and efficiently. If you own a small business (boutique, saloon, etc.), such equipment is the best solution that can fit into your budget. Above all, there is no space to waste – new models are smaller than the previous ones. Even so, such devices are highly effective in operation. There are many portable dryer machines available today in the market. These dryers are pretty efficient, affordable, and easy to use. If you have a large family with many clothes and accessories, you might consider buying one.

Portable clothes dryer

The effectiveness of appliances depends on a number of factors. Some portable dryers cannot dry clothes perfectly, and you should be prepared for that. This is especially true for inexpensive appliances with low power. Portable dryers in the form of hangers are also not able to adequately dry clothes. They are designed for smoothing shirts and dresses on business trips. Always consider the power of the device. Compact, inexpensive portable appliances aim to eliminate the abundance of moisture in the fabric but do not guarantee a perfectly dry clothes.

Devices that are similar in size or as close as possible to conventional stationary dryers are more efficient. The spin speed of such appliances may vary depending on the model (from 1,500 to 3,200 RPM). The more expensive the dryer, the more powerful spinning it can usually offer. In the vast majority of cases, a portable dryer will allow you to get the barely damp laundry out of the tank. You’ll need to hang it up and wait another 15-30 minutes to get perfectly dry fabric.

Does a portable dryer need a vent?

portable washer machine

Nowadays, portable dryers are becoming increasingly popular. These are machines designed for the drying of routinely washable items. They provide an alternative to conventional washing methods and can be widely used by those who live in small spaces. A portable clothes dryer machine works by blowing hot air at your wet clothing. The machine uses an electric motor to force air through the device and onto your clothing in order to dry it.

Does the portable dryer need venting? The answer to this question can be either positive or negative. A venting system is a series of pipes that connect the dryer to the outdoors. Not all portable electric dryers use venting systems. Instead, some dryers may require the use of exhaust ducts instead. These models get rid of excess air pollutants in another way: by pulling air through a hose (also called collar).

The modern appliances’ market offers models that do not require venting and those that oblige the user to vent the device before exploitation. The reasons why the appliance needs to be vented can vary from one manufacturer to another. The modern buyer who values his time and does not want to waste it on unnecessary manipulations with household appliances is likely to prefer a device that does not need venting. It is worth noting that the vast majority of modern portable dryers are equipped with special holes designed to remove excess heat. Experts remind us about the necessity of regular cleaning of venting holes because lint inevitably accumulates in them. Clogging these holes can be fraught with overheating the device and shortcut circuits, which is definitely dangerous.


If your portable dryer must be vented, you will need to use a special corrugated exhaust pipe (usually included in the basic kit). First, you should determine the place where this pipe will be led out (most often, it’s a window). Then the tube is connected with one end to the dryer, and the other end is fixed in the window. As an alternative, you can buy a special indoor vent kit. This solution is suitable for those who do not want or feel uncomfortable with deducing the ventilation tube outdoors.

To summarize, portable dryers are a much-needed household helper. Depending on the model, they allow getting a slightly damp or almost dry laundry. Thus, they save our time, smooth out creases on clothes (sometimes helping to avoid ironing), and can be especially useful if you do not have a balcony or terrace.

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