Is a portable washer and dryer a necessity or a luxury?

By Amy Mitchelle/ Last Updated: June 15

is a portable washer and dryer a necessity or a luxury

The dynamic household appliances’ improvement cannot go unnoticed for modern housewives. For example, many have already perceived the portable washer and dryer effectiveness and benefits. Though some buyers still doubt the relevance of such an acquisition. Now let’s figure out together if a portable dryer is a real luxury option or an indispensable home appliance?

Washer and dryer combo’s basic advantages

It is worth saying that any household appliances were created to solve certain household tasks. This includes cleaning the house, washing dishes, and, of course, clothes. With the classic or portable washing machine emergence in your home, you can entrust it to wash any clothes and various household’s textile attributes. Now your hands are less likely to be affected by water and aggressive detergents. The washer and dryer combo device can be considered even more convenient, functional, and really effective. In addition to the standard option for linen washing, it also has a dryer function. These household appliances are indispensable in the case of living in apartments without specially designated drying zones (balcony, terrace).

washer and dryer combo’s basic advantages

What are the advantages of household appliances that organically combine two important options at once (washing and drying)? Firstly, it saves your personal time. Now there is no need to wait for the laundry to dry naturally. It is enough to load wet clothes into the drum and select the desired temperature. Some portable washers and dryers feature one tank both for washing and drying. Other slightly more expensive solutions offer users two separate tanks at once. Such models’ advantage consists in the possibility of simultaneous tanks’ operation. When buying, check if your washer and dryer machine is capable of both functions performing in parallel. This is very convenient and time-saving.

Secondly, some models of such household appliances have a sanitizing option that can remove viruses and infections from fabric fibers. This is especially relevant if you have small children in your home and often wash and dry their clothes.

Thirdly, the drying machine allows you to dry as carefully as possible and at the same time smooth out the clothes that have just been washed. Any washing procedure, even a delicate one, leads to creases and wrinkles. The drying option allows you to eliminate them efficiently. As a result, you won’t even need an iron. In addition, after the dryer, most of the items look pretty tidy, so you don’t have to waste time ironing.

Why should you select a washer and dryer solution?

why should you select a washer and dryer solution

I recommend opting for a portable solution that combines both washing and drying at once for a number of reasons. First, such household appliances pay for themselves very quickly. You will spend significantly more money and personal time (which is also incredibly valuable in our time) using the laundry services, preferring natural clothes drying (on the balcony or outside) and subsequent ironing. Second, the portable washer and dryer takes up little space and can be installed in any room of your home. Likewise, such household appliances can be easily transported to the desired location (for example, in the trunk of a car). Finally, it is lightweight, easy to operate, does not require assembly, and special skills.

Conventional stationary dryers can be more powerful, but at the same time, they are more massive, consume many times more electricity, and must be installed following several strict safety regulations. A portable washer and dryer indeed is not ready to pamper you with perfectly dry laundry every time. This is especially true for bulky, heavy items (for example, bed linen, blankets, jeans, towels). Most often, these will be clothes that are almost dry but still slightly damp. It is enough to hang them at home on a folding dryer and wait 30-60 minutes to get wholly dried laundry. On the other hand, the portable washer and dryer solution can perfectly handle small items made from thin, delicate materials. These clothes will be perfectly dry by the end of the drying cycle, and you can put them on immediately if necessary.

The modest size of such household appliances is conditioned, of course, by its mobility and a similarly modest functions set. As a rule, several basic washing modes and some drying options (cold, medium, hot air) are available to the user. Some models may also possess the sanitizing option (please inquire with the seller about its availability). Applying it, you can disinfect any clothing without harming the material.

The combination of washing and drying in one household appliance can be considered not a luxury but a really necessary thing. It will become your faithful home assistant, tenderly taking care of your household clothes’ cleanliness and neatness.

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