Is there a portable washer dryer combo?

By Amy Mitchelle/ Last Updated: May 11

Is there a portable washer dryer combo

Regular clothes washing and drying are the daily chores of any average housewife. Modern combo solutions uniting both washing and drying functions are designed to make life easier and more pleasant. They contain space-saving, proper functionality, modest resource consumption. This article will find out whether a portable washer and dryer exists and can fully perform the declared functions. Before the mini washing machine purchase, you should reveal all the meaningful advantages and disadvantages of such equipment.

Washer and dryer combo - miracle or reality?

Many people doubt whether the portable washer and dryer combos really exist. But this is not a miracle – such appliances exist and may serve you immediately after purchasing. Panda, Giantex, Super Deal, COSTWAY, Zeny, Magic Chef are among the popular and reliable brands representing such washing and drying equipment. All these listed brands are famous for their fine credibility, decent assembly and spare parts quality, in general – equipment reliability.

Purchase a portable washer and dryer combo if you need to save some living space. For example, these are irreplaceable solutions for hostels, small apartments, trailers. 

portable washer and dryer

The possibility of simple and quick transportation makes such washing equipment a true godsend when traveling and hiking. This equipment, of course, is not as powerful as conventional stationary washing and drying machines.


However, they are ideal as a complement to small apartments and for outdoor use. It has its strengths and weaknesses like any other home appliance. You must be aware of the pros and cons of combo washers and dryers to make a thoughtful and conscious decision on the eve of an upcoming purchase.

Basic combo’s benefits and disadvantages

This type of technique is superior in concept (combining two important washing and drying options). Nevertheless, any expert will confirm that such equipment still has to go through multiple upgrades and improvements to meet users’ needs fully. We will inform you about its main advantages and will not forget mentioning this techniques’ weaknesses.

Let’s start with the benefits. An impressive performance characterizes these combined solutions stated almost on a par with stand-alone stationary devices. Another indisputable advantage is living space-saving. Together with two free-standing devices, you get one, in which the same tub is used both for washing and for subsequent drying of laundry. Equally valuable is the fact that the washing and drying options can be used separately from each other. Today you can only wash clothes, and tomorrow you can only dry them (for example, individual items washed by hand). Similar washer and dryer equipment is user-friendly, easy to adjust and exploit.


Now it’s worth discussing the weaknesses of such combo solutions. The very first nuance, which you will definitely learn from truthful customer reviews, is as follows: the drying cycle in such devices lasts a very long time. It is almost twice as long as a classic drying cycle in a free-standing dryer in terms of duration. Moreover, drying takes a long time, even when the drum is half full. Another disadvantage of such equipment is the high consumption of water for drying clothes. What does water have to do with it? The fact is that the condenser mechanism of the device heats up very much during drying and must cool down timely. So, in one drying cycle, your device can consume up to 200 liters of water. Consequently, there is no talk of any resources savings and family budget. Of course, there are advanced combo units on sale that are equipped with a heat pump, but their price tag may shock you. Studies have shown that washer and dryer combo devices are more likely to fail than stand-alone single household appliances.

Despite the originality of the idea, such household appliances still have a long way to go. In general, they realize the assigned tasks (especially the wash option), but the dryer needs serious enhancement. Perhaps in the next 5-10 years, the leading household appliances manufacturers will be able to offer you ideal solutions in all technical respects. These will be household appliances guaranteeing an equal quality of both washing and drying regimes.

What conclusion can be drawn from all of the above? You can use these combo washer and dryer devices but be ready for a longer drying cycle. It is worth weighing all the advantages and disadvantages, and only after that make the final purchase decision. Perhaps significant savings in living space and the combination of several options in one appliance will be decisive factors for you to buy such household appliances. Being aware of all the pros and cons of the washer and dryer combo, you will have the opportunity to make an informed and conscious decision.

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