LG WT7600HKA Review of 2024

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Our Verdict

The LG WT7600HKA is a worthy representative of modern washing machines manufactured by the eminent LG brand. This is a top-load washer in a stylish black stainless body. Its capacity is up to 5.2 Cu. Ft. Its vivid advantage discloses in the Sense Clean System, ready to scan the degree of clothes impurity and identify the optimal washing mode.


  • Clothing weighing option (saving water and electricity)
  • King-size tub (copes even with hue laundry volumes)
  • Low water and energy consumption
  • Profitable price


  • Additional rinse needed (produces too much foam)
  • Some options operate too long (f.e. Cotton, Allergiene)
  • Too deep (inconvenient for short persons)

What is LG WT7600HKA?

The LG WT7600HKA washer is ideal for a large family. It is able to cope with huge dirty clothes and bedding volumes. According to most of WT7600HKA reviews, the device does not require breaks between washings – having finished one washing cycle, it is ready to proceed the next. It is distinguished by the most economical water consumption. LG WT7600HKA reviews demonstrate that the machine weighs the clothes that you put in its drum thoroughly and, guided by this parameter, adds the right amount of water automatically.

LG WT7600HKA washer

The LG washer WT7600HKA’s tank volume is 147 liters. The dimensions are as follows 27 x 28.4 x 44.5 inches. The device is rather weighty – 147 pounds. A sufficiently compact and powerful washer was constructed for the first-class quality of washing and spinning all clothes types – from underwear to bedding. Our WT7600HKA review confirms that it may perfectly wash and wring out even king size comforters and large bath towels.


In view of multiple enthusiastic LG washer WT7600HKA reviews, most buyers choose this type of washing machine, since now they do not need to wipe the door of the machine constantly (as in models with side loading) and lean down to load or unload laundry.

LG WT7600HKA Performance – Stylish Black Body and 14 Operating Modes

LG washing machine WT7600HKA

The black stainless body of this washer will perfectly fit any bathroom. The case surface is safely protected from rust and corrosion, and therefore the device will retain its prestigious appearance for a long time. The WT7600HKA LG is quiet, stable enough (does not jump or shake during operation). There is no doubt about the top boot convenience. Such an assembly will look great in a compact bathroom. The manufacturer offers you 14 different operating modes. Some of them are launched automatically; others can be launched strictly at the owner’s choice. The presented LG WT7600HKA review confirms the relevance and suitability of this household appliance purchase. It will undoubtedly become your best assistant! The LG washing machine WT7600HKA may either take care of the first-class crystal clearness of any clothes or perfectly keep their original appearance.

LG 5.2 top load washer WT7600HKA

The LG 5.2 top load washer WT7600HKA has a reasonable price, though some purchasers consider it high. Taking into account all its options and abilities, an enormous tub capacity, and attractive appearance, you will be sure that the price of the product is entirely consistent with its quality. Among 14 available, the device may suggest you the perfect Steam cycle. This option is suitable for thorough washing and disinfection of things. Ideal for families with pets.


Due to the fact that the LG model WT7600HKA is high enough, it is recommended to use a small chair for loading and unloading convenience. This is especially meaningful for people of short stature. The tank of the washer is deep enough, so they recommend to use a small elevation to put clothes in and out after washing easily and without hassle.

LG WT7600HKA reviews

Do not use too much washing powder or liquid in this washer, as its mechanism creates abundant foam. If clothes are too dirty and you cannot use less detergent, start 2 rinse cycles. Most users admit its multiple functions and ability to adapt to any fabric type. Choose the needed washing cycle and enjoy the perfect result! The duration of each of the cycles is individual, and may also vary depending on the clothes volume loaded into the washer. The more there are, the longer the washing process will last. For example, in accordance with the LG WT7600HKA washer reviews, it is known that the washer spends about 60 minutes on a Normal cycle (with an average tank load).

LG washer WT7600HKA

It is noteworthy that the washer has a special Allergiene cycle. This is an excellent solution for those who suffer from any type of allergy. The mode allows you to clean clothes thoroughly not only from impurities but also from detergents and their aromas. Ideal for babies and allergic adults. The only negative point of this mode is its duration (it can take up to 3 hours).


The delay function is especially convenient. Today this one presents in most LG products (washers). It allows you to delay the washing process, choosing the program you need in advance. For example, you can give a command to start washing at 6:00 a.m. – as a result, by the time you wake up, the clothes will be clean and you just have to hang them on a dryer or balcony.

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