What to be guided by when choosing the portable dryer?

By Amy Mitchelle/ Last Updated: June 17

what to be guided by when choosing the portable dryer

The compact dryer presence allows you to dry clothes right in the house. Now you may equip the balcony as a recreation zone. Even a tiny portable dryer availability significantly simplifies the process of caring for any garment. Such household appliances pleasantly surprise with their modest size, excellent power indicators, ergonomic design thought out to the smallest details. Only portable washer and dryer can surpass such a technique in terms of functionality and benefit degree. Let’s find out what principles should be followed when choosing a small dryer? What should you pay close attention to when buying it?

Do portable dryers need a vent?

Portable dryers are indispensable pieces of household appliances, especially if your apartment features no designated area for clothes drying (terrace, balcony, etc.). Also, such a modern technique will be beneficial for large families who regularly face washing and subsequent drying tasks. Before buying this or that dryer model, be sure to check if it needs to be vented. Speaking about venting, nowadays, modern manufacturers offer different solutions. Some appliance models should be strictly vented. Others, on the contrary, may operate without vent. This technical point is always specified in the documentation attached to household appliances. You should understand that portable dryers can fully perform the function assigned to them without being vented (of course, if the manufacturer provides it). 

Meaningful portable dryer’s technical parameters

As a rule, these are household appliances that are simpler and more primitive in design, characterized by low power and modest price. However, even dryers without venting are in high demand today. What portable dryer modifications don’t need to be vented? These are tiny drying solutions resembling ordinary hangers, as well as folding dryers complemented by a cover.


When purchasing any portable drying machine, you should be prepared because it cannot dry bulky items wholly and quickly (for example, bathrobes, towels, bed linen). In most cases, the clothing will be practically dry but still slightly damp. Of course, a lot depends on the clothes’ size, quantity, and fabric type.

Meaningful portable dryer’s technical parameters

meaningful portable dryer’s technical parameters

What significant technical features of portable dryers should you consider before buying them? The first thing to consider is the device’s functionality and rich drying modes’ set availability (using cold, normal, and hot air). The more options a particular drying device is ready to offer you, the higher is its final price. This fact is quite evident.

The second point to think about is the need to connect the device to ventilation. Most of the modern portable dryers operate without a ventilation connection, which is quite convenient and practical. If you like a portable dryer that needs to be vented, think about the concrete room and place where it will operate in advance. This is an important nuance that can affect the quality of the device’s operation.

The dimensions of the portable dryer are another essential detail. If you move frequently or plan to use the dryer for traveling, such a compact unit is worth purchasing. Usually, these appliances do not look like classic drying devices and are resemble hangers that can fit several clothes at once. There is typically a device under the hanger that produces a stream of warm or cool air to dry your clothes.

And of course, do not forget to consider the device’s power and the level of energy it consumes. The time spent and the quality of drying certain clothes from your wardrobe will directly depend on the dryer’s power.

Another criterion for dryers choosing is the level of operating noise they produce. Average indicators are considered to be 60-70 dB. These are acceptable indicators that cannot negatively affect your household’s comfort feeling. The level of operating noise produced depends on the type of engine and its operating principle. That is why this indicator can fluctuate in different dryer models.

I highly recommend paying attention to the method of installing or fixing your portable dryer machine as well. Some of them can be installed absolutely anywhere. Others can be fixed on the wall or installed directly on a washing machine (especially if these are devices produced under the same brand). Opt for wall-mounted solutions if you are looking for maximum space-saving designs.

Any buyer should be warned that compact portable dryers will undoubtedly perform well. However, they have less power and more modest functionality than stationary full-size units of household appliances. Small portable dryers are an excellent solution for travel, life outside the city, in a hostel, RV. They take up a minimum of space, have a stylish design, and allow you to dry both small and large clothes.

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