The 5 Best 18-Inch Dishwashers of 2024

By Amy Mitchelle/ Last Updated: September 20

Nowadays, a small size dishwasher is a true godsend for any housewife. It automatically washes the dishes and thus saves the housewife’s time and nerves. Compactness and small size of a dishwasher is also an important feature. For instance, 18-in dishwasher allows to place it in any corner of the kitchen and thus save space. It is worth noting that the vast majority of 18-inch dishwashers are designed to be installed under the worktop or into a kitchen island. Some freestanding models do not require additional installation.

A compact portable 18 dishwasher is a good assistant in the kitchen: the machine washes the dishes and glasses, leaving them dry and sparkling after a simple program operation. Small size and good performance, stylish design, and broad functionality will never fail you. Tonight we offer you to review the 5 best narrow dishwashers for a small but cozy kitchen interior. Look through the photos, get acquainted with the technical characteristics, and select the most worthy variant for your family.

18 in dishwasher

Our Best Choice 18-Inch Dishwasher

Meet the best 18-inch dishwasher for your neat home


Width: 17.63″ Height: 32.5″ Depth: 22.44″ Capacity: 8 Place Settings Washing Cycles: 6 Noise: 52 dB Type: Built-in

This modestly sized appliance will fit perfectly in your small kitchen. The small dishwasher is ready to hold up to 8 place settings to wash a decent amount of dishes to a crystal shine. It also features a basket made of silverware.


A convenient cup tray offers a capacious area for glasses and cups washing. This 18-inch dishwasher operates quietly (the operating noise level is 52 dB). This best narrow dishwasher offers to enjoy 6 washing cycles and 3 options available. It also features Energy Star certification.

Best 18-Inch Dishwashers of 2024 - Top 5 Reviews

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Width: 23.63″ Height: 35.63″ Depth: 20.7″ Capacity: 8 Place Settings

This dishwasher manufactured by SPT pleasantly surprises with its laconic, classic design, ergonomics, and of course, modest size. The mentioned small portable dishwasher pleases with its low noise level (it produces a noise level not exceeding 52 dB during dishwashing). It is a freestanding model, with a sturdy, durable white housing made of first-class stainless steel. What is its capacity? This appliance has a capacity of 8 place settings. It offers you to enjoy high-quality dishwashing with its 6 washing programs available.

Place the dirty dishes, add the special detergent and choose the appropriate operating mode. It can be Quick, Heavy, Glass, Eco, Normal, or 90 Min cycle, depending on the complexity and amount of work to be done. The appliance is equipped with a Rinse Aid indicator. It signalizes the need to refill the rinse aid. Classic 18-inch portable dishwasher’s design allows it to fit harmoniously and tastefully into almost any kitchen interior. The device weighs 118 pounds, is stable enough during operation, and safe for your household if handled correctly. 

SD-9263W 18″ Energy Star Portable Dishwasher

The Energy Star certification allows you to call this appliance modern and quite economical. It consumes much less electricity and water than other dishwashers. A special faucet adapter and drain hose are included. The detergent is automatically sprayed while the appliance is running. By the end of the washing cycle, it is completely removed from the dishes, washing away food residues, viruses, and germs. The narrow portable dishwasher display shows the cycle in progress or any errors detected (displaying errors by special codes). The delayed start option is also available to users. It is advantageous and allows you to set the automatic start of the dishwasher for the desired time.

The Good

  • Convenient freestanding design
  • Classic exterior
  • Quiet and efficient

The Bad

  • Pricy

Width: 17.63″ Height: 32.5″ Depth: 22.44″ Capacity: 8 Place Settings

Open your door to the world of dishwashing with the stylish and convenient EdgeStar BIDW1802SS 18″ built-In dishwasher. Such 18 built-in dishwashers for more space-efficient operation have an LED illuminated dial and a hidden vent. The dishwasher features many cycles and washing options, as well as a stainless steel tub and high capacity. The EdgeStar 18-inch wide built-in dishwasher will improve your life and simplify washing dishes. The metallic color case looks stylish and luxurious.

With eight place settings, you’ll have ample room to wash the dishes after a full meal for all of your house guests. With a user-friendly interface, you can easily select the desired cycle. Select from six washing cycles (Heavy, Normal, ECO, Glass, Rapid, and Rinse) to wash away food debris quickly. You can even adjust washing temperatures and times based on the items you’re washing. The compact design allows this 18-inch stainless steel dishwasher to sit right where you need it most – under your countertop. And with its Energy Star certification, you’ll spend less money while still getting the performance. Its whisper-quiet motor (52 dB operating noise level) helps you tackle all of your dirty dishes with ease. 

EdgeStar BIDW1802SS 18-inch 8 Place Dishwasher

The EdgeStar BIDW1802SS 18-inch Built-In Dishwasher is a stylish, high-end machine that will have you wondering why you ever hand washed your dishes. A simple push of a button on the touchscreen dashboard allows for quick wash cycles, including the Heavy cycle that cleans even burnt food from pots and pans. This dishwasher is a built-in appliance so that it can save even more space in your kitchen. All you need to do is plug it in, select your cycle, and press start. That’s all it takes to get the job done so you can focus on other things. The advanced rinse aid eliminates any residues in your glassware and silverware to improve their shine with improved water spray technology. The dishwasher is superbly designed with a modern, sleek exterior that fits in any kitchen!

The Good

  • Stylish, modern design
  • Adjustable height
  • Efficient and energy saving

The Bad

  • Washing modes' settings cannot be saved

Width: 18″ Height: 35″ Depth: 22.5″ Capacity: 8 Place Settings

The Frigidaire brand offers a new dishwasher with a compact, narrow white plastic body and front control panel. During operation, the appliance makes 52 dB of noise. This indicator shows that the appliance is one of the quietest working ones. What we appreciate most about the Frigidaire 18-inch dishwasher is its easy assembly mechanism. Moreover, the appliance has a quiet draining technology and foam sonication during the washing process.

Front-load 18 in. ADA dishwasher designed to fit under existing countertops for homeowners with limited space. This dishwasher has 6 wash cycles, including 1 fast cycle that cleans dishes faster, plus the option to delay the start of the cycle by up to 12 hours, so your dishes are always clean when you want them to be cleaned. The Frigidaire 18-inch dishwashers are Energy Star certified, which will positively affect your utility bills. With its versatile set of options, the appliance can make cleaning easier for you with up to 6 wash cycles to choose from depending on the state of dishes’ soiling. These settings are available: Normal, Intensive, Standard, Fast, Rinse, and Energy Saver. 

Frigidaire 18 in. ADA Compact Front Control Dishwasher

This compact dishwasher will fit in more places, allowing you to wash dishes more efficiently. Please take advantage of its 18 inches. Use the six available modes to suit your needs. The built-In type dishwasher is designed to make washing your dishes more pleasant and straightforward. This dishwasher pleases with the presence of double spray arms. They are located on the upper and lower racks, guaranteeing a higher quality washing of all dishes’ kinds. Pay special attention to the disinfecting washing cycle that allows periodic sanitation of the appliance. The high water temperature allows the elimination of up to 99.9% of common viruses and bacteria. User-friendly 18-inch dishwasher panel ready to please you with simple options set.

The Good

  • Disinfecting cycle presence
  • Convenient built-in design

The Bad

  • High price tag

Width: 22.6″ Height: 32.4″ Depth: 17.6″ Capacity: 8 Place Settings

This dishwasher from the SPT brand attracts with a simple, classic, but nice exterior. Searching for the most worthy 18-inch dishwasher white SPT solution should be appreciated first. The built-in dishwasher cabinet saves living space in the kitchen or dining room. This is a great winning solution for small living spaces. Having a modestly sized kitchen is no longer a reason to give up on appliances. This dishwasher is not only compact but also quiet (making only 52 dB of noise).

A first-class stainless steel body will make this appliance serve you for many years. Users will be pleased with the drying cycle. It includes heating, which increases the efficiency of drying dishes after washing. Energy Star license is another striking advantage of this smallest built-in dishwasher. It uses significantly fewer resources and saves your family budget for more important expenditures. The appliance offers the benefit of 6 washing programs, including Quick, Rinse, Glass, Normal, Energy, Heavy. Seeking for an efficient and stylish 18 dishwasher white model presented by the SPT brand is undoubtedly worth your attention. 

SD-9254W Energy Star 18 Built-In Dishwasher

Look at this best mini dishwasher – it is economical, quiet, hardworking, and stylish. The recessed design allows it to be placed without taking up unnecessary space. It has a versatile 7-level rinse recirculation system. Plus, the patented soil release system makes the most of every minute of clean time by providing more thorough wash action with less water. The sleek 18 built-in dishwashers’ solution blends into any kitchen design and is perfect for apartments, condos, or any home where space is tight. It features a durable stainless steel interior with a removable cutlery tray, adjustable upper rack, and fixed lower rack rollers for easy loading. Choose the cycle you want – the controls are simple and easy to use. An automatic soil level sensor ensures superior cleaning performance.

The Good

  • Beneficial price
  • Efficient
  • Energy Star License

The Bad

  • Error codes may occur

Width: 24.4″ Height: 31.4″ Depth: 17.7″ Capacity:  9 Place Settings

Such small and compact 18 wide dishwashers are made for small kitchen spaces. They are very quiet and clean the dishes perfectly. The noise level when washing dishes is 49 dB only, according to the manufacturer. The body of the device is made of stainless steel, which adds a more stylish appearance and durability. The modern gray housing looks impressive and representative. The appliance lets you save space and quickly integrate it into the design of your kitchen.

It provides an opportunity to conveniently equip the kitchen with a reliable and convenient dishwashing machine. The model has earned its Energy Star certificate and is significantly more environmentally friendly than standard dishwashers. This 18″ dishwasher model allows you to install it on a special rack with wheels. The dishwasher holds up to 9 sets of cutlery, so you will have sufficient space for keeping all the necessary items ready. The simple setup enables you to use this appliance even more efficiently. Select different wash modes according to the nature and complexity of the dirt. For example, you can set the device to such modes as Delicate wash, Fast (express up to 50 minutes), Normal, Heavy, Rinse (shows the remaining time), or Light. 

HomeLabs HME030286N 18-Inch Built-in Dishwasher

The drying option allows you to dry dishes without leaving marks or streaks on them. The manufacturer recommends using strictly specific rinse aid approved for automatic dishwashers. Only then the appliance will be able to do its job correctly. A special light indicator reminds the user of the need to fill the dispenser. This stylish and durable device will become a welcome addition to your kitchen. With this best small dishwasher, you can forget the days of hard-to-use, hard-to-clean appliances. The dishwasher takes the chore out of doing the dishes. With the dishwasher mini device’s integrated design, and Energy Star rating, it’s the only dishwasher you’ll need.

The Good

  • Almost silent operation
  • Capacious

The Bad

  • Pricy

Guide to Buying the Best 18-Inch Dishwasher

small dishwasher

The modern market of home appliances offers us a lot of variations of such tiny kitchen helpers. These are both built-in and free-standing appliances. Despite their modest size, they do an excellent job.

For instance, a mini dishwasher may perfectly cope with light and serious dirt, disinfect dishes and take care of the health and beauty of our hands. Would you like to know how to choose the 18-inch dishwasher? So, the first question you ask yourself is about its effectiveness.

Is 18-inch dishwasher worth it?

Is such 18 panel ready dishwasher really worthy of purchase? How convenient and valuable is it in the household? Buying a small portable narrow dishwasher is a wise investment for small families living in modest living spaces. A small kitchen should not limit you in your ability to use all the benefits of civilization, including the dishwasher. Not so long ago, the home appliance market saw the advent of the recessed tiny dishwasher solutions that fit perfectly in compact kitchens and take up minimal space.


The small under sink dishwasher purchasing is a profitable and reasonable solution for your family if it consists of several people. However, large families tend to produce an impressive amount of dirty dishes daily. So, they will need a dishwasher with a larger capacity.

Despite the tiny, narrow body, this dishwasher has a good capacity. The 18″ dishwashers are pretty spacious. They can easily accommodate small and large cooking ware that your family might use for preparing their daily meals. They are also perfect for big gatherings like reunions and family picnics. If you’re wondering if an 18 stainless dishwasher is worth it, estimate the number of dirty dishes you have to wash daily.

Make a purchasing decision about the best 18-inch dishwasher to take care of yourself and your family. Any model of dishwasher for small kitchen can be a great help in everyday life. Now you don’t have to constantly risk the health and youthfulness of your hands. Leave this daily task to the dishwasher. Opt for a narrow 18-inch wide dishwasher if kitchen space doesn’t allow you to install classic appliances of standard sizes.

How to install 18-inch dishwasher?

Any appliance, including small dishwasher drawer models, requires familiarity with the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations. It usually contains the full amount of information you need to install and configure the equipment successfully.

The 18-wide dishwasher is an essential accessory for every kitchen. Usually, it is placed under the sink or near the sink, but not always. There are lots of different models available over the Internet, so you should give some thought to the place where you will put it later. Also, note that installing a dishwasher, unlike other household appliances, will require to have plenty of free space around.

Before you order a new 18-inch built-in dishwasher, determine where it will be located. Such appliances are available in different sizes, designed for installation in both built-in spaces and free-standing. Before installing the appliance, check its dimensions and overall weight carefully. Therefore, if your allocated space meets the requirements specified by the manufacturer, you can proceed with the installation process without worrying about any problems. Dishwasher small size ideas usually attract compact dwelling’ owners.

Installing a small dishwasher for apartments may sound like a complicated issue at first glance, but it is not as much as you think. It is generally accepted that a dishwasher is installed in the kitchen sink, which means it should be disconnected from the water supply and drain. The installation would be much easier if you prepared all the necessary tools for work. The main thing is to remember about safety because electrical appliances do not tolerate negligence!

As a rule, the manufacturer adds the 18″ portable dishwasher with the necessary fasteners, connections, and pipes. Nevertheless, you should be prepared to buy additional fasteners if they are not universal. Also, be sure to prepare a minimum set of tools traditionally available at any household man’s home. These are a few different screwdrivers, pliers. If you have any doubts that you can not cope with the installation of equipment, better resort to other competent assistance. It is better to invite a qualified plumber and trust him to install the built-in dishwasher 18-inch than to risk the device’s functionality.

What is the best 18-inch dishwasher?

Planning to acquire the best dishwasher models, purchasers should know the essential parameters that determine the quality of work of such kitchen equipment. If all these parameters satisfy you and your family, these are really the best 18-inch dishwashers. The combination of essential parameters for your family will make a specific dishwasher model the best. And these indicators are individual for each family.


The first important criterion is the size of the 18 dishwashers and their capacity. Thinking about small dishwasher size, take into account the size of your kitchen and the size of a separate countertop if the device is a built-in type.

Capacity is also a significant parameter that depends on the composition of your family. The greater the number of your relatives living under one roof, the larger, of course, should be the dishwasher.

The appearance of the device is the second no less important nuance. Usually, housewives choose the best 18 dishwasher guided by the color scheme of kitchen furniture and dominant colors in the overall room interior (the color of the walls, floor, ceiling). The most common colors of dishwashers, which fit almost any interior, are white and metallic silver. Nevertheless, you can find a small undercounter dishwasher with a black or wood finish (imitation). These are rare original colors that will not suit every type of kitchen interior.

Selecting the most worthy 18-inch dishwasher stainless steel is its recommendable material. It is durable and resistant to external influences. These are dishwashers that last longer and better. Modern dishwasher 18-inch stainless steel case also attracts with representative appearance. It combines a stylish, representative look and proven quality.

Why are 18-inch dishwashers so popular?

It is easy to assume that even the smallest dishwasher is still primarily designed for washing dishes. It is designed mainly to do that. However, there are dishwashers of all sizes nowadays, including the 18-inch ones. Just because these are smaller than many existing dishwashers does not mean they are less effective. On the contrary, they are very efficient and more reliable than most people think. Many customers are attracted by their modest size along with high efficiency and reliability.

18-inch small built-in dishwasher devices are very popular because they are compact on the outside and quite roomy on the inside. They save space in the kitchen, allowing it to be used to accommodate other appliances. This is especially important for small apartments where every inch of interior space needs to be put to good use. Their smaller size also makes them ideal for portable application.

Another secret of the 18″ dishwashers’ popularity also lies in their classic controls. They are pleasant and easy to exploit. The 18 dishwasher panel ready to astonish you with ease of use. Even a child can understand Its user-friendly interface. But at the same time, you will not find any extra features in these dishwashers, such as Wi-Fi connection or directional jets. Such mini portable dishwasher features a strictly standard set of functions familiar to every housewife. That is why they are chosen not only by people with limited living space but also by elderly users.

An 18 portable dishwasher is the best choice for those who want to save space. If you combine it with other devices from the same manufacturer, you will get a full compact kitchen that suits even the smallest spaces. Using a portable dishwasher is an excellent opportunity to complement other kitchen appliances. They can easily match both classic and modern interior designs!

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