The 17 Best Top Load Washers of 2020

By Amy Mitchelle/ Last Updated: August 21

Are you ready to choose the best top loading washing machine? So, first, get acquainted with our detailed review and then make a final decision. The type of load often becomes the decisive criterion when choosing a washing machine. It is known that this household appliance can have a frontal or vertical loading method. Its compact size, ease of laundry loading (you do not have to bend over to fill the drum with laundry), a high degree of reliability (the drum in such machines is fixed from two sides, not like in the case with front-loading washers), protection from children (the control panel in such washers is located far enough from children) are among the obvious advantages of such household appliances.

Our review suggests you take a look at the best top load washer models, discuss their advantages, and, of course, offer 17 best washing machines for your consideration. Each of them differs in appearance, functionality and price tag. Look through our rating and choose your own best top load washing machine. We have studied lots of the consumer reports about best top load washer products. So, having estimated all the pros and cons of a particular top load clothes washer, you will be able to make the right choice and please your family with a new assistant.

The best top load washers

Our Top 3 Top Load Washers

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Best Top Load Washers of 2020 - Top 17 Reviews

Here is the list of the most reliable, attractive and efficient top load washers, ready to become your perfect home assistant!

* $ – under $500; $$ – under $1000; $$$ – under $2000.

This washing machine, according to numerous top load washer reviews, is one of the best products from the Amana brand. It has a spacious tank (3.5 Cu. Ft.), features quiet operation (both during washing and spinning cycles).

Its striking advantage is the Deep fill option, which allows you to cope with the most serious and seemingly hopeless dirties. Perhaps it’s only drawback is the lack of softener compartment. The device evaluates the amount of laundry loaded and selects the amount of water required automatically and also sets the washing mode. According to the top loader washer reviews, this washing machine is easy to operate with and reliable enough. Takes up little space in the bathroom, and therefore can perfectly fit into a compact utility core.

Amana NTW4516FW review

Note the detailed user’s instructions presence – this thoughtful and detailed guide will be able to acquaint you with this washing machine. The majority of users suppose this product to be the best top loading washer.

The Good

  • Certified product
  • Durable
  • Classic design

The Bad

  • Opaque lid

This product is also among the top rated top load washers. It was deservedly included in the mentioned list. Its large capacity (5 Cu. Ft.) amazes and pleasantly surprises.

This item, like other best top load washers, can offer you astonishingly stylish appearance, 8 different washing cycles, Wi-Fi connection, quiet operation, low energy consumption, Smart Technologies ready to cooperate with Google Assistant, 950 RPM and other intelligent options. This item cannot be attributed to budget solutions, and therefore is regarded by demanding buyers, as the best top loader washing machine.

The device provides the highest quality and most gentle washing. For example, such modes as Turbo wash and Cold wash deserve special attention. By selecting the desired washing mode, the user gets faultlessly clean and fresh laundry, regardless of the soiling degree. The manufacturer provides 1 year parts warranty. The huge amount of the top load washing machine reviews, related to this model, confirm that this is the most fashionable and trustworthy top load washer ever.

LG WT7300CW review

The Good

  • 3D wash technology
  • Digital touchpad panel
  • Modern design

The Bad

  • High price tag

What is special about this washing machine from the Frigidaire brand? It has a stylish appearance, a durable and large enough tank (4.1 Cu. Ft., material – stainless steel), department for fabric softener. By the way, rare top load washer possesses such a dispenser.

The presented model takes a worthy position in the rating of the best top loading washing machines. Its white stylish case will perfectly fit any bathroom’s interior. The tank’s spaciousness allows users to wash not only standard wardrobe items (dresses, T-shirts, underwear, etc.) but also bed linen, rugs and even blankets. The drum is filled with water automatically – the machine estimates the volume of loaded laundry independently and supplies the required amount of water automatically. This product is worthy considered to be one of the best rated top load washers. 

Frigidaire FFTW4120SW review

Its most powerful and efficient option is Max fill – this function helps to eliminate even the most difficult and ingrained dirt. The water sensor will automatically evaluate the needed water amount. So, choose this washer top load and get a hardy home assistant.

The Good

  • Stylish, modern look
  • Softener dispenser
  • Wide functions raw

The Bad

  • Max Fill option uses too much water

This washing machine has a white stainless steel body with 3.2 Cu. Ft. built-in tank. The maximum spin power is 840 RPM. This 26 inch wide top load washer has 3 temperature modes, department for bleach and softener addition, several smart options for better washing and spinning results. 

For instance, mothers will surely appreciate its Extra rinse option – it may help to thoroughly rinse your baby’s laundry without leaving a hint of detergent on it. The washer has a convenient and understandable control panel in the form of a modern touchpad display. The manufacturer promises 5 years warranty for the washer’s spare parts. The product was included in the best top loading washers rating not in vain. It is high-performance, quiet operating, user friendly. 

Speed Queen TR7000WN.

So, it functions like all the modern best top load washing machines – qualitatively enough and cost-effectively! Looking through the top loading washers list, you will definitely find this model there, because it attracts with thoughtful design and high performance.

The Good

  • Quiet operation
  • Proven efficiency

The Bad

  • High price

This snow-white beauty will be your best assistant. It has 4.3 Cu. Ft. tank (made of strong stainless steel), 12 various washing modes, 660 RPM spin power.

It is added with knobs control panel. Appreciating the top rated top loading washing machines models, be sure to pay attention to this sample.

Firstly, it is produced by the renowned and reputable Whirlpool brand. Secondly, it has high-quality and durable components. Thirdly, the inner surface of its drum is made in the form of soft waves, which provides both gentle and effective washing. The washer can be individually adjusted according to the type of fabric, so you can always be sure of a flawless wash and the safety of your wardrobe items. Thanks to nowaday’s technologies, you may realize the purchase remotely – this top loader washing machine for sale is available to every purchaser online.

Whirlpool WTW5000DW review

The Good

  • Modest design
  • Qualitative operation
  • Reasonable price

The Bad

  • Few washing options

Welcome another 4.3 Cu. Ft. washer. It is presented by the no less famous and worthy Maytag company.

It is not a secret that Maytag is undoubtedly the best top load washing machine brand. And multiple top loading washing machine reviews confirm this fact. So, the mentioned washer model is one more top-load item. It suggests 11 washing cycles, stainless steel tank, up to 660 RPM spin power. The control panel has 5 relays. Scrolling them in accordance with the inscriptions, you can set up individual washing modes (focusing on the type of clothing or home textiles, laundry volumes, fabric type, etc.). 

Many housewives will appreciate the Cold Wash function presented in this washing machine. It is especially suitable for silk or synthetic fabrics that need to be treated with special care.


Latest consumer reports about such top load washers confirm, that they suggest 2 spinning modes, opportunity to add the fabric softener, 5 temperature regimes. It also features adjustable legs so that it may change its height for maximum ease of use by people of different heights.

Maytag MVWX655DW review

The Good

  • Narrow case
  • Easy control
  • Reliable and durable

The Bad

  • Modest functions set

This washing machine suggests 4.2 Cu. Ft. tank, 11 washing modes for perfect cleaning results, stylish and rather compact white case. This product may also be met among the best rated top loading washing machines – it attracts with the beneficial price and rich functions set.

 Despite the fact that its design is quite simple and laconic, it enjoys success and occupies a good position in the rating of cheap top loading washing machine. Here you will find an excellent ratio of a moderate price tag and excellent device quality. The control panel has 3 relays and buttons that allow you to select the optimal washing and spinning mode. The opaque lid of the washing machine opens wide enough in order you may load or unload your laundry quickly and easily.

GE GTW335ASNWW review

The Good

  • Coincise design
  • High performance

The Bad

  • Pricy item

Searching for the trusted washing machine top loader presented in this review is surely worth your attention.

Despite the stylish look, it may surprise you with 5.0 Cu. Ft. tank, 7 washing options, 5 temperature modes and additional 10 cycles for unimprovable and brilliant results! Also, it has a transparent lid so you may watch all the processes inside the device. Its stylish digital display with buttons and timer creates a prestigious and expensive appearance. It might be called the best top loader washer only thanks to its glancing appearance. The majority of the top load washers consumer reports testify, that this appliance is reliable, durable and compact enough to complement a compact bathroom.

Samsung WA50R5200AW review

The Good

  • Large tank capacity
  • Stylish and attractive design
  • Silent operation

The Bad

  • Needs to be balanced

The presented washing machine top load type is a bright representative of qualitative Maytag products raw.

The device belongs to 28-inch washing machines type and therefore is often purchased for small compartments. Tank with 4.2 Cu. Ft. volume will seem to you voluminous enough to load it both with regular clothes and comforters and bed-linen as well. 

The product offers 11 various washing cycles, spinning power up to 700 RPM, high-strength agitator. This is an item, included in the washing machine ratings top load – be sure it also has a UL Certification. Thanks to the powerful agitator, one may be surprised with the washing results – the device copes even with serious contaminations easily. Top load construction of the product is one more advantage – easy and comfortable exploitation without need to bend or sit with your knees deeply bent.

Maytag MVWC565FW review

The Good

  • Strong steel case
  • Easy to load and unload

The Bad

  • Lid is not transparent

This technique is rightfully considered a compact top load washer from popular and trusted Magic Chef producer.

This small top loader washing machine has a stylish and delightful digital display, placed before the transparent lid (unusual but rather stylish solution). The device suggests 6 automatic washing cycles, 3 temperature modes and 3 different water levels. 

Using it, you may delay the washing process – set the wash timer for early morning and immediately after waking up you will get clean and fresh laundry. All you need to do is to hang it up to dry. The presented 24 inch washing machine top load type also offers quiet, virtually silent operation – ideal for families with small children (noise less than 72 dB). After the washing cycle finishing the appliance switches off automatically and informs the user of the successfully completed work (with a sound signal).

Magic Chef MCSTCW30W4 review

The Good

  • User-friendly
  • Transparent lid
  • Perfect washing results

The Bad

  • Control panel may fail

This product suggests modest tank capacity -2.8 Cu. Ft. only. Though, this compact top loading washer is functional and smart enough to add your dwelling and help to cope with everyday washing tasks.

This small top load washer from GE features a digital control panel – it is easy to cope with and customize according to your needs. The concerned 24 inch wide top load washing machine has wheels that facilitate the household appliances moving from place to place. Considering its modest size, this is a very convenient and necessary option. Taking into account the mass of washer reviews top load model from GE is a worthy representative of portable top load washers!


The Good

  • Compact size
  • Attractive, modern design
  • Wheels for easy moving

The Bad

  • Small tank capacity

The presented washer model offers 4.5 Cu. Ft. tank capacity and attractive white case with digital control panel.

According to the top loading washing machines reviews, this product from LG brand has rich functionality and a reasonable price tag.

What is special about this model? Users will have access to 8 washing cycles (choose the appropriate depending on the type of fabric and product), 10 options, permitting to make the washing process as efficient as possible and 3 temperature modes. LG never ceases to amaze – this model works almost silently. That’s why it is in high demand and is considered to be the best top loader washing machine. Its lid is transparent, and therefore, if necessary, you can always observe the washing process. This top load washer on sale may be met at various trading platforms – purchase it online and save precious time.

LG WT7100CW review

The Good

  • Transparent lid
  • Multifunctional
  • Silent work

The Bad

  • Pricy product

Take a look at this incredibly stylish black top load washer. The mass of top loader washing machine reviews confirms, that it enjoys a stable demand among buyers who value both stylish design and rich technical potential.

It cannot be called cheap top loader washing machine, though it is able to suggest acquirers wide options range, the ability to connect to Wi-Fi, Energy Star (economical water and electricity consumption), black stainless steel case – solid and longeval, self-clean option and more other advantages.


The best top load washer reviews witness that it pleasantly surprises with a set of functions – 12 varied washing cycles, 5 Cu. Ft. tank, spinning power up to 750 RPM, Wi-Fi, Smart care option, etc.

Samsung WA50R5400AV review

The Good

  • Attractive black interior
  • Rich functions raw

The Bad

  • Pricy

Are you ready to get acquainted with the washer, offering 11 diverse washing cycles, spinning speed up to 700 RPM and 3.8 Cu. Ft. tank capacity?

Here it is – the best washing machine top loader from GE manufacturer. Its case is white, added with ordinary control panel (relays and buttons).

 Choose this washer in case, if you trust top loading washer reviews, the majority of them confirms, that this appliance is worth purchasing. This is a rather cheap top load washer with a build-in agitator and such an attractive option like Deep water rinse. The appliance’s lid opens wide enough and fixes in place so that you can load dirty laundry or unload clean clothes without haste. This is a modest and hardworking washing machine with a minimal set of the most up-to-date options.

GE GTW330ASKWW review

The Good

  • Powerfull spinning
  • Wide functions raw
  • Durable

The Bad

  • Opaque lid

The presented washer model from Kenmore features 4.3 Cu. Ft. tank, unique impeller (triple action system), dispenser for bleach, and softener (for careful and qualitative wash).

Complement your home with this 4.3 cu ft top load washer – its top construction gives the opportunity to load and unload tank easily (you don’t even have to bend over to do this). The tank capacity is sufficient for a large family – the device will allow you to wash any items, including comforters and linen. The advice has deserved top load washer ratings – users find it a successful acquisition. If you have long been looking for the best washers top load you can safely opt for this technique. 

Kenmore 25132 review

The basic equipment includes, in addition to the washing machine itself, a power cord, water supply and drain hose.  The washing machine will successfully fight all dirt types, from light to stubborn stains.

The Good

  • Departments for softener and bleach
  • Quiet and efficient

The Bad

  • Button control may fail

This black washer may surprise you either with its stylish look or with its huge capacity! It features extra-large 5.4 Cu. Ft. tank – isn’t it enough for a big family?

It uses steam power, so may boast high performance and proven effectiveness against all contamination types. Use this top load steam washer and all your clothes will always be crystal clear and fresh. Multitude top load washers reviews point that this model is the smartest and most intelligent device. It is added with the Google assistant and suggests advanced 3D washing. Purchasing the mentioned top loading steam washer, one gets washer, dryer, and steamer simultaneously. Its catching design in black color draws stares and is elegant enough to add modern bathroom interior. 

LG WT7900HBA review

Its option in the face of Cold wash is a real finding for sensitive fabrics and laundry with minimal contamination. It also features Energy Star, so the device is characterized by modest water and electricity consumption. An incredibly large tank, attractive appearance, a lot of innovative solutions (Wi-Fi, Google assistant), high spin power (up to 950 RPM) make this home appliance the most desired!

The Good

  • Extra-large laundry tank
  • Improved 3D-washing
  • Stylish design in black

The Bad

  • Expensive product

This is one more washer complemented with the steam washing option. Steam clothes cleaning allows you not only penetrate the fibers of the fabric and clean them of stubborn dirt effectively but at the same time, keep the fabric and its color intact.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the stylish appearance of this top load washer with sink – its white case is elegantly added with a dark control panel.

Stunningly stylish effect! Now it’s worth discussing the technical characteristics of the presented top loading washer with sink. The mentioned 27-inch washer model offers large 5.2 Cu. Ft. tank, excellent spinning power up to 800 RPM, ability to choose from 13 various washing cycles, Smart care option, Steam washing, low energy consumption (features Energy star), Active wash option for white laundry. This washer top loader type is a perfect washer for modern house. 

Samsung WA52M7750AW review

It has all you need – style, qualitative duties performance, user-friendly control. So, this top rated top load washer isn’t a cheap, budget variant, though may easily satisfy the needs of discerning, capricious buyers.

The Good

  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Improved 3D-wash

The Bad

  • High price tag

Guide to Buying the Best Top Load Washer

best top load washing machine

What is the best top loading washing machine?

Many buyers are asking this question. Nevertheless, given the various financial possibilities and wishes, it is difficult to voice a definite answer. What is the best top loading washing machine to buy? Each buyer should ask this question to himself and take into account personal wishes, requirements, and the planned budget. If even after that you don’t know, what is the best top load washer to buy, try to take as a basis friends’ recommendations or users’ on the Internet. Our rating will also help you make the right choice because we’ve tried to examine different washing machines in detail, assess their advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the best product one may take into account the authority of famous brands – so you can safely trust the equipment from such famous brands, как LG, Whirlpool, Samsung, Kenmore, Maytag and others, presented in our review.

How much water does a top loader washing machine use?

The amount of water consumed by a washing machine is one of the most important parameters that is taken into account when choosing it. If you want to know how much water does a top load washer use, read the instructions from the manufacturer and user reviews. According to the washing machine reviews top load type, average water usage varies between 15-30 gallons of water. What does this parameter depend on? The brand of the washing machine, the amount of laundry, and the individual settings of each washing appliance. The best washing machines top load type evaluate the laundry weight and add the needed water amount automatically.


Users confirm that the best rated top load washing machines may independently track the optimal water amount required for a high-quality wash and subsequent rinsing. Customization is not always beneficial as the user may not always know the exact amount of water that may be required for a perfect wash result. You can also verify this by reading the washing machine reviews top loader type. Automatic measurement of the dirty laundry weight is inherent in top load agitator washers and permits to optimize water consumption. Multiple consumer reports about top load washer models confirm that the amount of consumed water can be different when activating various washing cycles.

What is the average size of a top loading washing machine?

Are top load washers better than the front-loading appliances? The majority of purchasers choose these solutions because they do not force you to bend over and are the best decisions for families with small children (control panel inaccessible). The new top load washers dimensions may vary, depending on the concrete manufacturer and model raw. The most compact appliances feature 24- and 26-inches width. Speaking of the most common options, these are 27- or 27 ½-inches wide washing machines. At the same time, the width of the washing appliance can be approximately the same, but the capacity of the built-in tank is different (from 2.8 up to 5.2 Cu. Ft.). According to the consumer reports top loading washing machines are usually 41-43 inches high and 25-27 inches deep. Before purchasing new top loading washing machines, measure the space in which it will be placed and investigate reviews on top load washers. Thus, you will select a device that fully matches the area of ​​a bathroom or another room. One may even compare top load washers from different brands and choose the preferable solution. Some purchasers prefer used appliances to new top load washer items.

Where to get the best deal on a top loading washing machine?

If you have already decided, what is the best top load washer, it’s time to decide on the place of purchase. To find the best price for a given product, it is worth checking out all the available offers on the leading online trading platforms. The traditional top load washer’s price will depend on its state (new or used one), concrete manufacturer, model (options set). Of course, the new top load washing machine‘s cost will be higher than the price tag for used equipment. It all depends on your budget and personal needs – even used equipment can be good top load washing machine. Some families, on the contrary, are looking for a cheap top load washing machine. Modern brands offer top-loading washing machines of good functionality and quality at quite reasonable prices.

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