The 7 Best Panda Dryers of 2022

By Amy Mitchelle/ Last Updated: December 21

Everyday clothes washing and drying takes up a lot of vital resources. Take care of more useful and important things by shifting some of your responsibilities to Panda household appliances. Dryers made by this company attract with stylish look, high-quality operation, ease of use.

Chasing the goal to acquire the best portable dryers, purchasers study multiple reviews and comments on the web. We will save your time and provide comprehensive information on the best Panda dryers. Our ranking includes products personally tested by experts – suitable for daily use, taking up little space, truly effective and efficient.

Panda dryer

Our Best Choice Panda Dryer

Let us offer you the best Panda dryer


Width: 16″ Height: 24″ Depth: 19.5″ Capacity: 1.5 Cu. Ft. Temperature options:Timer (min): Yes Removable lint filter: Yes Mounting kit: Yes

Greet the perfect drying solution from Panda. It features 1.5 Cu. Ft. tank capable of placing up to 5.5 pounds of your linen and clothes. The Panda dryer remarkably combines modest case (space-saving decision), sufficient capacity, user-friendly control, rich functionality, and silent operation (70 Db). The device will dry every fabric type as gently as possible. Choose the preferred temperature mode and start it.

Best Panda Dryers of 2022 - Top 7 Reviews

Look through our brief list of 7 best Panda dryers


Width: 16″
Height: 24″
Depth: 19.5″
Capacity: 1.5 Cu. Ft.
Price*: $$$


Width: 23.6″
Height: 27.6″
Depth: 17.1″
Capacity: 2.6 Cu. Ft.
Price*: $$$


Width: 20″
Height: 27″
Depth: 23.5″
Capacity: 13.2 lbs.
Price*: $$$

Width: 22.5″
Height: 27.5″
Depth: 23.5″
Capacity: 13 lbs.
Price*: $$$

Width: 13.5″
Height: 25.5″
Depth: 13.5″
Capacity: 22 lbs
Price*: $$

Width: 17.12″
Height: 27.56″
Depth: 23.62″
Capacity: 8.8 lbs
Price*: $$$

Width: 11.25″
Height: 21″
Depth: 9.5″
Capacity: 22 lbs
Price*: $

* $ – under $100; $$ – under $200; $$$ – under $400

Width: 16″ Height: 24″ Depth: 19.5″ Capacity: 1.5 Cu. Ft.

The presented Panda portable dryer offers 1.5 Cu. Ft. tank capacity. The front load type solution is convenient enough and has a classic case exterior. It is quiet enough for a small family’s everyday needs.

Easy to cope with control panel suggests several temperature modes (cool, warm. Hot, air dry). So, any fabric type will be provided with gentle and appropriate drying. The observed Panda compact dryer saves place and allows adding your home with no less actual appliances. It operates almost silently (70 Db) and doesn’t bother the owners. There is a lint filter, ready to protect the device from small but dangerous lint and fabric lumps. The control panel is located at the bottom of the appliance, so it is more convenient to exploit when put on the washer.

Panda PAN725SF Portable Laundry Dryer, 1.5 Cu. Ft.

The Good

  • Silent operation
  • Lint filter included

The Bad

  • Bottom placed control panel

Width: 23.6″ Height: 27.6″ Depth: 17.1″ Capacity: 2.6 Cu. Ft.

The presented dryer model possesses 2.6 Cu. Ft. tank. The manufacturer confirms that this is equal to 8.8 lbs. So, it is capacious enough for large family everyday needs. The device features smart Dry Sensor technology and guarantees reliable protection against even the most delicate products overdrying.

The proposed Panda portable compact clothes dryer has a convenient and simple to adjust touchscreen control panel (located directly above the lid).


Select the needed drying mode and enjoy the almost noiseless appliance’s operation (maximum 70 Db noise level). Install the device in the desired way – side by side (in duet with the washing machine), mounted on the wall, on the stand. Note that the original kit for reliable mounting is included. 

Panda PAN865W 2.6 Cu. Ft. Compact Laundry Dryer

Drying time may vary according to the items put in (for example, silk blouses or cotton bedsheets). The presented 2.6 Cu. Ft. dryer may also be selected in another option – choose the Panda 3.75 dryer to get a larger capacity tank.

The Good

  • Fine capacity
  • Silent operation

The Bad

  • Inconvenient when installed on the floor (needs a stand)

Width: 20″ Height: 27″ Depth: 23.5″ Capacity: 13.2 lbs.

This stylish cosmic designed dryer is ready to gladden you with its perfect operation. Featuring large 13.2 lbs. tank, it appears to be a real finding for big families. The device may easily place several large towels, bed-linen, or blankets in.

But note that the drying time will definitely depend on the weight of the loaded items. The manufacturer marked the Panda mini dryer as a High-End product. This indicates its perfect assembly and spare parts quality. The dryer offers 3 available air temperatures and 3 programs. Each of the options differs in the drying procedure duration (from 30 minutes to 2 hours on average). The control panel with touch buttons is placed above the lid, which makes the device as convenient as possible when placed on the floor or on a stand. There is a special lint filter built-in. Manufacturer recommends to clean it after each drying cycle.

Panda PAN206ET 13.2 lbs. Capacity High-End Portable Dryer

The Good

  • Large tank capacity
  • High-End product

The Bad

  • Needs to be turned off after 2 drying cycles in a row

Width: 22.5″ Height: 27.5″ Depth: 23.5″ Capacity: 13 lbs. 

This Panda dryer suggests a surprisingly roomy 13 lbs. tank. So, the device will easily place any of your home textile laundries in (bed linen, blankets, bathrobes, towels, adult and kids’ clothes).

The mentioned Panda clothes dryer is a great alternative to any public laundromat. After processing with cold, warm, or hot air currents, the garment will be perfectly dry without creases. The noise generated by the device during its operation usually does not exceed 70 Db. The control panel is located at the very bottom of the dryer, so you can place the appliance on the Panda washer and get the most benefit out of such appliances duet. The device can also be mounted on the wall (the product includes a special set of fasteners), fixed on the floor, or a stand.

Panda PAN760SF Portable Laundry Dryer, 13 lbs.

The Good

  • Several installation options
  • Quiet operation
  • Large tank

The Bad

  • High price

Width: 13.5″ Height: 25.5″ Depth: 13.5″ Capacity: 22 lbs

This is one of the Panda’s leader in portability and reliability. The 22 lbs. capacity stainless steel tank guarantees durable and safe exploitation. One of its benefits is powerful spinning (up to 3200 RPM).

Portable design allows starting this Panda spin dryer wherever you desire. All you need is some free space, a sink, and a suitable power socket. The device will not disturb you with noise during operation (the emitted noise wave usually does not exceed 72 Db). This is a gravity drain device, simplifying your everyday life. Moreover, the indicated Panda 3200 RPM portable spin dryer possesses a stylish exterior, perfectly adding any room. The dryer’s lower surface is equipped with rubberized feet, preventing the device from slipping during operation. Please, do not expect completely dried clothes (manufacturer reminds about this nuance in the users’ manual).

Panda PANSP21W 3200 RPM, 22 lbs.

The Good

  • Large capacity tank
  • Quiet operation

The Bad

  • Clothes are not completely dry

Width: 17.12″ Height: 27.56″ Depth: 23.62″ Capacity: 8.8 lbs.

This Panda portable type dryer appears to be a wonderfully convenient solution for small apartments. Its tank proposes 8.8 lbs. capacity equal to 2.65 Cu. Ft. The tub is made of strong stainless steel.

This Panda 2.65 Cu. Ft. compact laundry dryer in white case offers 4 temperature options providing individual drying approach. Don’t forget about the detachable lint filter. It should be cleaned regularly in order to prevent the dryer’s breakage. Operating noise doesn’t exceed 70 Db. The control panel is situated at the bottom of the device, so it will be more convenient to fix the dryer on the wall or put it on the stand. The front type lid allows using the dryer’s upper surface for detergents or some home accessories storage.

Panda PAN40SF Portable Compact Dryer, 8.8 lbs.

The Good

  • Several temperature regimes
  • Clothes are thoroughly dried

The Bad

  • The control panel is located down below

Width: 11.25″ Height: 21″ Depth: 9.5″ Capacity: 22 lbs

This dryer from Panda is an irreplaceable device in small living spaces, on vacation, in country houses, or dormitories. When folded, it is as compact as possible and can be placed in a closet or cabinet.

The specified Panda portable ventless clothes dryer folding drying machine with heater mounts on the floor and looks like a hanger dressed in a special case. A small device producing an air stream of the required temperature is installed below, under the hanger.


Any fabric items placed on hangers are dried quickly enough. The Panda portable ventless dryer is lightweight – 8.5 pounds only, though stable enough due to the smart design. 

Panda PAN82PD Portable Ventless Dryer

The Panda portable clothes dryer operates from almost any outlet (120V). The dryer is energy-saving and indispensable for frequent baby and adult clothes drying. The Panda Portable Ventless Clothes Dryer Folding Drying Machine with Heater may be easily assembled in 5 minutes.

The Good

  • Operates without a venting system
  • Energy-saving

The Bad

  • Large items extended drying

Guide to Buying the Best Panda Dryer

Panda portable dryer

Panda dryers are distinguished by decent quality and well-planned modern design. While testing different Panda electric dryer models of the announced brand, we have faced many questions that need to be answered.

The next information block was created specifically for buyers who want to delve into the intricacies of an intelligent and correct household appliance choice.

Who makes Panda dryers?

All the observed earlier Panda portable compact clothes dryer models are produced by eminent Panda Electronics brand. Its main manufacture centers are located in Chinese. In view of the worthy brand authority and the overwhelming positive reviews number, more and more buyers trust Panda’s dryers.

How to fix Panda dryer?

The dryer installation method depends on the specific model. For example, dryers in the form of a hanger can be installed strictly on the floor (for example, this is the Panda PAN82PD Portable Ventless Dryer model from our review). Other types of dryers offer more installation options. For example, the Panda PAN40SF Portable Compact Dryer can be installed on the floor, on a special stand, or even directly on the wall (suspended). A wall fixing kit is usually included in the dryer package. Reading the Panda dryer review or user manual, one may easily install and immediately start the device.

How to use a Panda dryers?

Operating instructions for the Panda dryers are in general common for all the appliances. First, you need to get acquainted with the user manual, then unpack the device and install it (sometimes assembly is necessary, depending on the model). Next, you need to fill the drum with clothes that need drying and select the optimal temperature regime. It is not recommended to fill the drum completely (even if it is designed for large clothes amounts), as it will take a longer time to dry.

What is the best Panda dryer?

To answer this question, one should estimate his requirements towards this appliance and take into account financial opportunities. The reviewed Panda PAN725SF Portable Clothes Dryer is the best appliance for quick and qualitative clothes drying anywhere in our specialists’ opinion. It attracts with portability, individual settings, and ease of usage.

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