LG WT7100CW Washing Machine Review of 2024

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Our Verdict

The LG WT7100CW washing machine is a worthy sample of the top load washing machine, with an extensive set of functions for better washing and spinning. Each LG WT7100CW review indicates its reliability, long service life, relative compactness. The ability to load and unload laundry from the top panel makes this technique as practical and convenient as possible particularly, for location in small areas.


  • Advantageous price tag
  • Wide options set
  • Compact and stylish
  • High performance


  • Complicated configuration and management
  • No permanent press cycle
  • The low spinning speed is not available at Normal and Cotton modes

What is LG WT7100CW?

The LG WT7100CW washing machine is a trustworthy and durable home item for everyday use. Excellent washing and spinning quality is guaranteed thanks to its perfect assembly. The transparent lid of the washer gives the opportunity to observe the whole process starting with the water supply and finishing with the laundry spin. The latest LG WT7100CW washer reviews prove that it suggests 8 washing cycle types, 3 temperature regimes and 10 additional options. The main LG WT7100CW washer’s advantage is its quiet and calm operation.

LG WT7100CW review

The 6 Motion Technology deserves special attention. This feature is aimed at individual selection of the optimal washing mode and water temperature. In short, the LG washing machine WT7100CW adapts to the concrete fabric type and this is really fantastic! Also, the drum of the device performs a series of movements or even combinations thereof, focusing on the washing mode selected by the user.


The product features the patented Cold Wash technology (works strictly in Bedding cycle mode). Cold washing allows you to achieve a higher quality of any fabric types cleaning. But keep in mind that load laundry should not exceed 8 pounds for maximum efficiency. For example, in this way, you can wash 8 large towels or several other things approximately equal in volume. WT7100CW LG washer will cope with this task as simple as it can be.

LG WT7100CW reviews

The LG WT7100CW reviews characterize this product as worth purchasing. Its capacity is 4.5 cu. ft. The white body is complemented with multiple buttons and controllers. A wide variety of functions will allow you to choose the optimal washing and drying mode for any fabric type – from cotton to delicate and capricious silk. LG washer WT7100CW may give a chance even to inexperienced housewives – using the user’s manual you can easily get acquainted with its smart settings and select individual washing modes and spin programs.

LG WT7100CW Performance – Silent operation and high efficiency

LG washer WT7100CW

The device consumes water incredibly carefully and, at the same time, copes even with large laundry volumes easily. The washer is endowed with the function of measuring the volume of adding water. Therefore, evaluating the weight of the laundry, it can normalize its consumption automatically. This is a great feature that allows you to call this model of the washing machine one of the most smart and cost-effective. Multiple LG WT7100CW washing machine reviews affirm that there is also a steam cleaning function – particularly ideal for dirty things. Removes dirt and disinfects the surface of the fabric qualitatively.


A pleasant sound alert informing the user about the successful completion of the wash cycle. Now you may be aware of the completed wash thanks to the special sound signal. Features weight sensor, which monitors the volume of clothes placed in the drum. The water flow and the detergent amount will depend on their volume. Besides, the WT7100CW LG washer reviews say, that water and detergent consumption also depends on the degree of clothes pollution intensity.

WT7100CW LG washer

The LG washer WT7100CW reviews claim the fact that top-loading washers are the most reliable and durable. They are less often in need of repair and may serve for many years, even under heavy loads. This model is extremely economical – after some time of its use, you will feel how much the prices for utility bills will decrease.


Most of the washer’s users are impressed with its silent operation. Being compared with other similar models (produced by other brands), it really amazes with low noise level produced during washing and spinning cycles. This is definitely an advantage of this model, which will be highly appreciated by families with children. The washing machine demonstrates high spin quality, optimal for various fabrics types – from cotton to delicate silk. That is why it can be entrusted with washing any items of your wardrobe. Being properly installed, the device is stable enough and does not move during operation.


Ease of controls, convenient flat top, and high-quality components make this model the most frequently purchased and highly appreciated. The high-grade product provides perfect cleaning. An excellent washing result is ensured if suitable detergents are used. The washer copes even with stubborn stains.

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