Can you leave an RV water pump on?

By Amy Mitchelle/ Last Updated: August 24

Can you leave an RV water pump on

The water pump is one of the engineers’ innovative developments, thanks to which RV rides, even over serious distances, become as full of comfort as possible. Camper water pump presence allows relax and not worry about the water availability in the system of your mobile home. Thanks to this device and, of course, a sufficient supply of water in the tanks, you and your appliances (dishwasher, shower stall, toilet, washing machine) will not be short of water. By choosing one of the best portable washing machines, don’t forget to learn the proper handling of the water pump that will mine water for it.

When may the water pump continue operating?

Many travelers who have equipped their RV with appliances and a water pump wonder if it is acceptable to leave this device running. Perhaps the pump should always be turned off when not in need of water? In most cases, you can safely leave the pump running without any adverse effects on it, the plumbing, and appliances on board the RV. Many modern RV pump models are manufactured so that they specifically need to run almost all of the time. These devices are responsible for ensuring that you can always draw the right amount of water when you open the faucet or run one or even several wash cycles if necessary (using a portable washer). But even if you plan to leave the pump running, you should be aware of a few essential points.

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Pump operating in automatic mode can be left on overnight. But you should make sure in advance that it is set correctly and that it does not consume power during idle periods. In addition, to leave the pump running overnight, you must make sure that it runs on demand. Otherwise, you will be disappointed by the high water consumption and some other problems arising from this feature. You can also leave the pump on if it is not connected to the city water supply (to the centralized water supply) at the conceret period of time.

Reasons for shutting down your RV pump

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Although many newer types of water pumps can be left on for long periods of time without unpleasant consequences, there are still several situations in which shutting down the pump is strongly recommended. For example, it may be a high level of noise produced by the pump during operation. In addition, some devices produce a powerful wave of sound while the water is pumping, so this sound may not be very pleasant or comfortable, especially at night. In that case, being aware of the high noise level, it is worth turning off this appliance in advance at night or other periods when you need silence.

Another reason that might make you turn off your pump, at least overnight, is the risk of a leak. Even the most expensive equipment can fail, so turn off the pump at night to avoid that in your RV.

Some pumps may consume too much power, even during idle periods. This is because the unit will constantly maintain a certain pressure level in the pipes and continue using power as it falls. To protect yourself from unnecessary energy consumption, turn the device off.

Another reason to turn the pump off (especially during cold weather) is to prevent freezing. So you can turn off the pump overnight and leave the water faucet open. This little secret will prevent the hoses from freezing. In addition, running the water pump all night in winter is an additional cost of electricity.

Be sure to turn off the pump in situations where you are connected to a centralized water supply. If, however, the pump is powered by a water tank of limited capacity, you do not have to turn the unit off every time you do not require water. As the RV owner, you know the volume of your onboard tank anyway and can keep track of how much water is currently left in it. Many pumps run on demand, such as when you hit the toilet flush button or start the washing or dishwashing machine. Once a year, it is recommended that you have your pump serviced to make sure all of its mechanisms are working correctly and that it is in a proper working order. This way, you will minimize the risk of flooding or other unpleasant problems. Also, do not forget about the presence of a filter in any pump, which also needs to be cleaned regularly. Routine sanitization of the entire water system (1-2 times annually with continuous RV use) is also mandatory.

One can draw a reasonable conclusion from all of the above. The decision to turn off the water pump or leave it running is an individual decision. Take into account the time of year, the time period when the pump will not be used (overnight or a couple of days), and the characteristics of each individual water pump model. RV pump for water supply is a perfect idea for a comfortable trip. Even when you are thousands of kilometers away from your home, you can keep your motorhome clean and cozy. Proper operation, timely switching off (at the right moments), and regular cleaning of the filter will ensure you a long and joyful use of the device.

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