The 10 Best RV Water Pumps of 2022

By Amy Mitchelle/ Last Updated: August 17

Having a qualitative and stable operating water pump is a crucial aspect of RVing. You, your family members, and your pets will surely need to freshen up from time to time, so you must have running water inside the unit. Moreover, if there are common emergencies like vehicle breakdowns or sudden changes in weather conditions, you will be thankful to have an RV water pump available. This equipment is as important as functional washer drain hose application.

RV camping is a perfect family vacation activity, but not all RVs come with a camper water pump. You need to have a water pump for your RV if you want all the appliances to work well, including a small washing machine or dishwasher. RV water pumps also allow you to fill up your tanks wherever you go. This means that you will always have access to clean and treated water during the adventure. That is why selecting the proper water pump model is so meaningful – compact, efficient, and reliable enough. Further, you can get acquainted with the most demanded and frequently purchased water pumps models for RV. Perhaps you will find a device suitable for your family among them.

rv water pump

Our Best Choice RV Water Pump

Let us present you the best RV water pump


Width: 4″ Height: 8″ Depth: 4.45″ Weight: 5.22 pounds Flow Rate: 3.5 gallons per min. Voltage: 12 Volts Material: Stainless Steel  

This water pump is a factual finding for travelers. Equip your RV with this device and get unlimited access to water resources. The presented RV pump is reliable enough, produced from stainless steel.


Its maximum flow rate is equal to 3.5 gallons per one minute. The device features 12 Volts. Use it in order to exploit toilet, washing, and dishwashing machines within your RV. It also features a check valve protecting from reverse flow.

Best RV Water Pumps of 2022 - Top 10 Reviews

Look through the list of top 10 RV water pumps

Width: 4″ Height: 9″ Depth: 4″ Flow Rate: 3 gallons per min.

The Flojet brand offers you a high-quality device in the face of a water pump for RV. The 12-Volt equipment is made of corrosion-resistant materials. The presented Flojet RV water pump is manufactured in accordance with international regulations.

The product is fully flame-proof (completely complies with ISO standards). Such Flojet RV water pumps feature the ball bearing sealed against accidental access. They are reliable and run smoothly. The pump can run dry without the risk of overheating. The snap-in fittings and the presence of noise-absorbing fasteners minimize the operating noise level. The device possesses 3 chambers and is ready to delight you with up to 9 feet suction lift. By using a pressure switch, you can adjust the power of the water head. The water pump from the Flojet features a white case, relatively lightweight (2.6 pounds only). 

Flojet 03526-144A Triplex Diaphragm Automatic Water System Pump

So, this device is compact, easy installing and pleasant to exploit. Get almost unlimited access to water resources even during trips. The pump is ready to supply all your family and RV appliances with the needed amount of fresh, clean water. Make the necessary water supplies and enjoy unforgettable travel moments.

The Good

  • Adjustable water pressure
  • Compact size
  • Efficient

The Bad

  • Pulsates too actively

Width: 4″ Height: 8″ Depth: 4.45″ Flow Rate: 3.5 gallons per min.

This device is capable of pumping up to 3.5 gallons of water per minute. It is reliable enough to allow you to enjoy RV travels to the fullest. Regardless of the time, you spend on the road Shurflo RV water pump will help you prepare a sufficient amount of water.

It can then be used for makeshift toilets and showers, as well as portable washers and dishwashers. The represented Shurflo RV water pump 2088 is made of durable and high-qualitative stainless steel. The permanent magnet motor will serve you for years, providing your family with just the right amount of freshwater for their daily needs. Living in an RV house can be a joy and a pleasure, especially if you have access to electricity and water. 

Shurflo 2088-554-144 Fresh Water Pump

Such Shurflo RV water pumps are thermally protected. This is a 12 Volt device, rather powerful and efficient.  This is a 12 Volt device, rather powerful and efficient. Although the device may be noisy, the benefits are truly invaluable. Compact size, lightweight, and proven efficiency can precisely describe this Shurflo water pump.

The Good

  • High water flow rate
  • Compact dimensions
  • Reliable design

The Bad

  • Noisy operating

Width: 5.16″ Height: 14.41″ Depth: 4.33″ Flow Rate: 4.5 gallons per min.

The ECO-WORTHY brand suggests you trying this powerful RV pump with 4.5 gallons of water per one minute. Now you can fill your water tanks many times faster. The device’s Voltage is equal to 110 Volts, which allows you to connect it to any household appliance. The volume of water pumped per minute is 4.5 gallons or 17 liters.

Use the offered 110 Volt RV water pump for any appliance in your RV that involves water consumption (portable shower stall, toilet, water heater, washing machine). The device is protected against overheating (the pump can shut off automatically if the permissible temperature threshold is exceeded). The device consumes energy economically and allows you to regulate the flow of pumped water. When connected to the water tap, the device starts automatically, which is quite convenient. 

ECO-WORTHY Water Diaphragm Self Priming Pump

The device features a convenient pressure switch option. The water pump is easy to install and exploit. It is quiet enough and powerful. This pump is equipped with a removable filter, which is recommended to be periodically removed and washed of dirt. The device is made of qualitative materials (Santoprene, nylon, polyethylene, copper wire).

The Good

  • Automatic operation
  • Quiet

The Bad

  • Weak connections

Width: 4.92″ Height: 6.97″ Depth: 4.27″ Flow Rate: 3 gallons per min.

This reliable and hard-working water pump is designed for RV camping and traveling use. The product is made of quality, durable materials. These are EPDM, Santoprene, polypropylene, and stainless steel. The orange and white case is robust, though relatively lightweight. The represented variable speed RV water pump from the SEAFLO brand is powered via batteries. It is capable of pumping up to 3 gallons of water per minute.

The offered 12 Volt water pump will gladden you with high efficiency and stable operation. Fill the water tanks available onboard your RV vehicle and hit the road. Now you will always have the proper supply of water for various household needs. The manufacturer provides up to 4 years warranty on this product. The device is capable of operating in dry mode.

SEAFLO 42-Series Water Pressure Diaphragm Pump

 This 42 series diaphragm pump is quite powerful, despite its external miniaturization. The device can automatically adjust to any water pressure. The pump also features a built-in check valve. The manufacturer reminds you that the new pump may have a small amount of water in it. This is because each unit is tested, and faults are identified before the pumps are shipped to customers. Read the installation instructions properly before exploiting the presented water pump.

The Good

  • Adapts to different water pressure levels
  • Powerfull

The Bad

  • Noisy operation

Width: 8″ Height: 10″ Depth: 4″ Flow Rate: 3 gallons per min.

We present you one of the most compact water pumps manufactured by TMC. The device is made of durable stainless steel, supplemented by a chrome coating extending the operating life of the pump. Manual operation is the main feature of this equipment and its difference from the previously considered devices. The suggested RV hand water pump features 60 GPH capacity. The product will delight you with its comfortable, practical lever control.

It also has a built-in non-return valve. The pump is equipped with an easy-to-operate rotary valve that can rotate 360 degrees. This water pump will show its maximum power and will be helpful when traveling in RV, on a boat, or operating in a camping environment. The water pump is easy to use and extremely lightweight (1.15 pounds only). And the fact that it can be used for both fresh and saltwater simultaneously is significant. The basic package includes Barb Connector (3/8 inches). Installing this manual RV water pump in your RV or mobile home, you get an additional competent helper.

TMC Self Priming Water Galley Rocket Hand Pump Faucet FO-742-1

The Good

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to install and use
  • Fits both for fresh and saltwater

The Bad

  • Knobs need improving

Width: 0.01″ Height: 10″ Depth: 10″ Water Flow: 3 gallons per min.

This water pump is considered a high-quality and durable appliance for RV vehicles. In spite of this, the manufacturer provides a warranty of up to 2 years on their product. The offered 12 Volt Shurflo water pump for RV features an improved design. The device is designed for freshwater. Shurflo engineers equipped it with a diaphragm and internal bypass.

This guarantees a long and stable operation of the unit. Regardless of the type of plumbing, the unit will please you with its high performance. The device is thermally protected, so it is ready to shut down on its own in case of overheating. The volume of water pumped per minute is 3 gallons. The pump is able to run dry. The product is distinguished by a relatively quiet operation, which is undoubtedly its bright advantage compared to other devices. 

Shurflo 12v 3.0 GPM Revolution RV Water Pump

The device’s low weight and high performance make it the number 1 equipment for all types of RV vehicles. With its help, you can quickly fill the tanks with the right amount of water so that you do not feel the slightest discomfort on the road. Installation of this quietest RV water pump will give impeccable quality of travel and the opportunity to use all the amenities, including showers, washing machines, and dishwashers.

The Good

  • Quiet operation
  • Thermal protection presence

The Bad

  • May need additional paddings (for pulsation decrease)

Width: 5.11″ Height: 7.98″ Depth: 4.84″ Water Flow: 3 gallons per min.

Here is another RV water pump model from the notorious SEAFLO manufacturer. Its orange, black and white body made of Viton attracts attention. But its main advantage is, of course, not the appearance, but the high technical potential. The reviewing 12V RV water pump is capable of pumping up to 3 gallons of water per minute. This is not a bad average. The manufacturer offers customers up to 4 years warranty on this product.

The basic package includes one RV water pump (diaphragm type), inlet strainer, installation and operating instructions, hose adapter kit (¼ inch size). A pressure of 45 PSI characterizes the pump in operation. The unit is self-priming and is quiet enough to operate. There is also a dry run option. It is suitable for RV’s, ships of all kinds, production halls (industry, agriculture). 

Water Diaphragm Self Priming Pump

This pump is equipped with a heavy-duty motor, which ensures its stable operation without the risk of overheating. The device is equipped with a pressure switch, thanks to which it is possible to start and stop the device automatically (by opening and then closing the valve). The device is elementary to operate. It can be preserved (if you do not plan to use it actively for a certain period).

The Good

  • Multifucntional (best for RV, boats, production, or factory areas)
  • Auto turn on and off

The Bad

  • Connections (inlet and outlet) will not fit standard hoses

Width: 3″ Height: 8″ Depth: 4″ Flow Rate: 1.18 gallons per min.

Purchase and use this RV water pump in order to provide your family with the right amount of water. According to the RV water pump reviews, this device can operate in a temperature range from 32 to 160°F, which is equivalent to 0-60°C. The diaphragm-type pump is self-priming. It is convenient to use due to the presence of a built-in water pressure switch. Purchasing such water pumps RV mobile transport becomes more practical and beneficial.

In addition to the RV, you may find applications for this equipment in an ordinary home (for example, for watering the lawn), on boats, in standard laundry rooms, industry, and agriculture, in the conditions of a tent city life. Perhaps another advantage of this equipment can be considered its versatility (suitable for different areas). It is one of the most inexpensive and easy-to-use pumps. The pump is capable of self-priming. It can also be placed directly above a water tank. 

Bayite 12V DC Fresh Water Pump with 2 Hose Clamps

Despite its modest current consumption, the pump guarantees a good and stable water flow in all available ranges. The housing of the RV water pump is completely sealed so that the device mechanisms are reliably protected against moisture and dirt particles. Despite the high degree of reliability, it is recommended to let the device rest every 6 hours of uninterrupted operation (to eliminate the possibility of motor overheating).

The Good

  • Low price
  • Multifunctional
  • Compact

The Bad

  • Short service life

Width: 6″ Height: 10.5″ Depth: 5.5″ Water Flow: 3 gallons per min.

Be sure to pay attention to this self-priming water pump if you want to feel comfortable during a long trip via RV. The observing water pump for RV is a self-dumping device that provides the quietest possible operation. The 12 Volt device features 9.5 amps. The housing of the device is hermetically sealed, and the motor is made of corrosion-resistant materials. This quiet RV water pump can also please its owners with high efficiency. The pumping equipment guarantees a stable water flow that allows you to fill tanks with water quickly enough. 

This is a genuinely irreplaceable resource, as it can later be used for all domestic needs. The equipment can pump up to 3 gallons of water (at a pressure equal to 50 PSI). According to the manufacturer, the product is supplemented with the option of dry operation without the risk of damage. The user can adjust and select the desired configuration, choosing between 115 and 12 V. The filter screen integrated into the pump protects it from dirt particles and large foreign impurities.

Flow Max Water Pump for RVs

The Good

  • Filter included
  • Dry operate
  • Durable

The Bad

  • Accidental pressure fall may happen

Width: 5.94″ Height: 10.7″ Depth: 5.12″ Flow Rate: 5 gallons per min.

We present to your attention one more worthy water pump from VS House brand. The diaphragm pump equipment (2 Volt) features a capacity of 7-16 amperes. This is one of the best RV water pump models, which is self-priming. The unit is equipped with a pressure output regulator. Adjust this parameter according to your individual needs and requirements.

The permissible adjustable range varies from 40 to 80 PSI. Switching on and off is done at a value equal to 55 PSI. The reviewing RV fresh water pump is made of high-quality pure copper. This has a positive effect on its high performance and low power consumption. This pump is equipped with 4 chambers, which results in a compelling water flow. It can reach a maximum of 5 GPM (equivalent to 18.9 liters per minute). The advantage of this pump is that it has a built-in switch that allows you to reduce circulation. 

DC HOUSE 42-Series Upgrade Water Diaphragm Pressure Pump

This equipment is indispensable for all those who like to travel by RV. You will enjoy its compact size, high performance, and reliability. The built-in filter, which protects the pumped water and the device itself from contamination, can be removed periodically and cleaned of plaque.

The Good

  • User-friendly
  • Easy to install and run
  • High water flow
  • Perfect thermal protection presence

The Bad

  • Loud operation

Guide to Buying the Best RV Water Pump

camper water pump

A water pump seems like a simple piece of equipment, but it is invaluable when traveling. There are several situations that force travelers to use such a pump. In addition to trivial daily hygiene (taking a shower, visiting a portable toilet stall), washing clothes, and cooking, there are a number of other situations.

For example, using a water RV pump will be relevant when filling the tank with freshwater, when emptying it, in the process of parking (without the possibility of connecting to the water supply network). Also,travel trailer water pumps will be real salvation in moments when all the water sources available possess low pressure.

Can you leave the water pump on in RV?

Should you leave the 12 Volt water pump for RV operating, or do you need to shut it off? The question of the permissibility of continuing to operate the pump while it is not purposefully used to this day remains open. RV travel fans are divided into two groups. The first believes, that the 12 Volt RV water pump can be left on, even when temporarily not in the mobile home. Others, on the contrary, insist on turning off such equipment. What are the reasons for the former and the latter? In principle, you can leave your water pump running since most models provide this format of operation. On the contrary, this way, you are more likely to know about its accidental failure.


But on the other hand, you should not forget about the risks of leaks and their unpleasant consequences (RV flooding). In short, when selecting the best water RV pump, always weigh the pros and cons. Another nuance in planning to turn the pump off whenever you’re not using it (outside the RV) can be the seeming energy savings. But in reality, such appliances use negligible amounts of energy during idle periods, so you’re unlikely to save too much money. Those who always turn off the water pump also attribute it to the noise it makes. For example, many families are sensitive to any sound and therefore prefer to turn off all appliances, including water pumps, at night.

How long can an RV water pump run?

When planning to use a water pump during traveling and living in an RV, you will definitely wonder about the allowable duration of its operation. In fact, such equipment is designed initially to work on demand. If the water pressure drops, the water pump will automatically start (to compensate). Modern RV water tanks and pumps make life much easier when traveling on the road. These products, by their design and purpose, are used intermittently. They never work all the time without stopping, even if the crane will be in the open position for a long time.

As long as the 12V water pump RV operates, you can safely do all household tasks such as washing, dishwashing, and showering. Remember also that this equipment draws the available water supply from the tank as it operates.

How much power does an RV water pump use?

Depending on the manufacturer and concrete model, the RV water pump may consume different power quantities. You may meet several variants – 110 and 12 Volt water pump for RV solutions. The greater the power consumption, the higher the power and performance of a particular device. The amount of power consumption is traditionally measured in amperes. Small, compact, modern RV pumps draw relatively little power, approximately 5 to 15 amps. A 5 Amps (12 Volt) device consumes approximately 60 watts. You will undoubtedly be pleased with the fact that fresh water pumps for RV do not work all the time. Usually, they function cyclically (a couple of minutes working, then a couple of minutes resting).

How does a 12 Volt RV water pump work?

The main purpose of any water pump, including those designed for RV, is to pump water from the reservoir through the arranged pipeline to the shower, toilet, sink, and other water withdrawal points. How does this equipment work? The device is operated by electricity (it is switched directly on the RV wall). Many models of RV water pumps are equipped with a pressure relay, which can control the water pressure. Also, this relay is responsible for automatic switching on of the pump at the moment of water pressure fall.

Similarly, this relay can switch off the pump when the water pressure is stable (can be set individually). The RV water pump fittings’ quality affects the stability and longevity of the pump. All fasteners and gaskets in this equipment must be durable and wear-resistant to protect the unit from leaks. As the pump operates, it can detect a drop in water pressure and automatically start and draw water from the available reservoir. This kind of fresh water pump for RV can be used as the primary water resource or applied when you need a reserve of clean water for domestic needs. This is especially true in cases where there is no possibility to use external water sources. If you are pursuing saving water supplies, experts advise you to turn off the device. At least do not turn it on until you need it again.

Another alternative use of the water pump is to use it as a backup water system. If the water pressure drops, the device will instantly turn on and deliver more water (it will take it from your reserves).

Another question sounds like this – why is it meaningful to prime RV water pump? The fact is that water pressure is a variable unit. It can fall as well as rise. Significantly often, the loss of pressure is fixed at moments when you do not use the device for a long time. Downtime causes minor and major breakdowns. Therefore, to regain the former stable pressure, it is necessary to pressurize it. This is what the priming procedure is for.

Does the RV water pump have a filter?

Inexperienced purchasers often ask this question. First, be sure, the vast majority of camper trailer water pump devices are added with filters. They can be removable and non-removable. A removable RV water pump filter, as understood from the name, can be periodically removed and cleaned of dirt buildup. How often should this part be cleaned? It all depends on the frequency and intensity of the device’s use. You should not wait for problems in the operation of the filter or the appearance of suspended matter in the pumped water. It is better to clean the filter once or twice a month. With less regular use, it is acceptable to perform this procedure even less frequently. Built-in RV water pump strainer is easy to remove, clean, and put back in place. In the second case, it is a non-removable 110v RV water pump. There is no way to clean it and keep it functional. Such filters’ operation involves replacing them with brand new devices (available for sale in most plumbing supply stores).

The filter is an indispensable RV water pump accessoire that allows you to solve two problems simultaneously. The first is to protect the mechanisms of the pump, and the second is to keep the water clean enough for domestic usage. Some filters can be used strictly for freshwater, while others can be applied for both fresh and saltwater. So always consider this parameter before buying an RV filter. In addition, some pumps are purchased for use on marine vessels, so its mechanisms must be ready to face aggressive saltwater.

A dirty filter can adversely affect the quality of pumped water and the functionality of the unit. If you are going to clean the filter, it is advisable to read the manufacturer’s recommendations. The standard procedure involves several steps. These are disconnecting the device from the power supply, housing unscrewing, thorough filter components cleaning, housing assembly, starting the device.

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