GE GTW335ASNWW Review of 2024

By Amy Mitchelle/ Last Updated: August 31

Our Verdict

Our recent GTW335ASNWW review is dedicated to the washer in a classic white casing. This is the perfect solution for high-quality and economical washing. Being a top loading device, the washer is simple in everyday exploitation. The robust stainless steel tank has a capacity of up to 4.2 Cu. Ft. The device offers 11 cycles, individually selected depending on the soiling complexity and the concrete laundry type.


  • Classic white case design
  • User-friendly
  • Optimal functions set


  • Spins loudly

What is GE GTW335ASNWW?

Reading our GTW335ASNWW review, you may enjoy a pleasant and useful acquaintance. Today you can take a closer look at the top load washer model presented by the famous GE brand. These washing machines are not much different from their competitors, nevertheless, they deservedly occupy top positions in the worthy household appliances ratings.

GE gtw335asnww

How can this GE GTW335ASNWW please the user? The first thing that catches the eye is its stylish and, at the same time, laconic design. The appearance of the device is a competent combination of simplicity and style. The control panel is presented with three relays. Each option is signed, and therefore any user, even the elderly, can easily cope with the controls. The capacious tank holds large amounts of laundry – therefore, this device can easily manage with both washing several blouses and sweaters, and with more difficult tasks (blankets, bedding, quilts).

Multiple GTW335ASNWW reviews confirm that this is one of the best top load washers for everyday home use. Classic design, simple operation, and a set of the most necessary functions – what else do you need to easily and comfortably keep your linen and clothes clean? The washer model GTW335ASNWW belongs to the middle price segment. Nevertheless, given the possibility of purchasing a product at a discount, one cannot fail to note its obvious benefits for any family. The model features softener dispenser – so, you may add your favorite product for making laundry soft and pleasantly scented after a short or long wash. This is a nice bonus to ensure maximum care for your clothes.

GE GTW335ASNWW Performance – Perfect Quality and Reasonable Price

gtw335asnww reviews

There is an amazing combination of an adequate price tag and excellent quality of all options (washing, rinsing) in this GE washer GTW335ASNWW. Whichever of the 13 available cycles you prefer, you will, in any case, expect an excellent result. Our experts have researched many GE washer GTW335ASNWW reviews and have come to the following conclusion – this washing machine is worth the money spent on it. It cannot be regarded as a budget product – nevertheless, it easily meets the expectations of even the most capricious housewives.


What features of this GE model GTW335ASNWW will surely catch your attention? First, it is the Deep Rinse function, permitting to use all the water and detergent power in order to reach perfect results (clean and fresh laundry). This mode is recommended for situations where you want either wash dirty items of clothing ideally, or make sure that there is no detergent or softener left in their fibers (for example, children’s clothes). The GE top load washer GTW335ASNWW features a built-in agitator. Thanks to this spare part, all clothes loaded into the drum will rotate thoroughly during washing. This element will ensure high-quality washing and subsequent rinsing. One more option is a presoak. It longs up to 2 hours and allows to ensure incredibly dirty wardrobe attributes presoaking. This function measures the laundry weight and calculates the required water amount automatically.

ge gtw335asnww reviews

Among the all presented GE appliances GTW335ASNWW 4.2 Cu. Ft. washer is the most worthy representative. Its tank, made of robust stainless steel, deserves special attention and even praise. Its design is made in accordance with international quality standards and therefore guarantees a long service life.


Taking into account our article and multiple GE GTW335ASNWW reviews met around the web, one may conclude – this washer is relatively inexpensive but reliable assistant in everyday life. Perhaps the only drawback of this device can be considered a slightly higher noise level, produced during washing and spinning (in comparison with competitor’s products in the same price segment). Nevertheless, even this nuance, which we could not remain silent about in our honest review, does not reduce the rating of the device and does not make it less popular.


The presented GE TL washer GTW335ASNWW may not have those modern options suggested in the more expensive top load washers models. Though, it is ready to offer you a set of the most necessary and efficiently performed functions. In short, it is a simple yet reliable device that is ready to serve you for decades.

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