Is it necessary to clean the washing machine?

By Amy Mitchelle/ Last Updated: July 24

Is it necessary to clean the washing machine

Every day, our washing machines clean children’s and adult’s clothes so that we can look neat and representatively. But there comes a time when this home assistant needs a thorough cleaning. It is no secret that each washer is a dirt-trap. Day by day, it gets worse because of the accumulated detergent clusters and soap residues that are washed off but don’t dissolve completely. They are like magnets for dust, microorganisms, spores, and other harmful substances. Washing machine cleaner tablets will come to the rescue. Therefore, in order to ensure the device’s regular operation, it is necessary to clean it thoroughly after each use. 

Does your washing machine need cleaning?

Experts advise preferring tabs form. Consequently, it is pretty logical that any washer needs regular cleaning from the inside. Several warning points are signalizing the need to wash the device from the inside. But it is not always necessary to wait for such unpleasant alarm bells’ appearance. Experts recommend keeping a notebook and record the days in which the cleaning was performed. Usually, it is once a month. However, there may be some exceptions to the rules. For instance, if the washer has not been cleaned for a long time or appears to be too dirty. Then you can use the cleaning tabs more than once a month. If you make notes in such a notebook, you can keep the cleanliness of the appliance under strict control. It is also acceptable to set an appropriate notification on your cell phone. 

Does your washing machine need cleaning

Choose a more convenient method of control and help your top load washer without agitator (or any other washer type) work clearly and efficiently. The composition of such tabs is usually absolutely harmless for all washing machine’s mechanisms. Therefore, you can not worry that they affect the functionality of the appliance negatively. On the contrary, in addition to washing machines, such tabs can be used in order to clean all kinds of septic tanks. There are scented and unscented tabs on sale today – so, choose the product that meets your requirements.

So, how may you detect if your washing machine is in dire need of cleaning from the inside? The first thing that should alert you is an unpleasant smell that exudes from its tank when you open the lid. The scent results from active bacteria breeding (due to the high humidity inside the appliance). The second sign is the poor washing quality. If the clothes are poorly cleaned from dirt or do not smell fresh after washing, it is time to remember how long ago you cleaned the inside of the appliance. Problems with starting the washing machine, interruptions in operation, leaks, and other technical failures refer to the third alarm bell.

How often should you clean the washer?

How often should you clean the washer

All of the above mentioned problems can be easily avoided if you monitor the condition of the washing machine. Clean it with special tabs or granular powders once or twice a month, and keep all its mechanisms clean. You don’t have to wait for lumps of dirt on your clothes or an unpleasant odor.

Read the detailed instructions for proper use of the tabs or pellets on the package of any washer solution. It is traditionally recommended to run the Self-Cleaning option with 1 or 2 tabs once a month. In case of heavy clogging of the appliance, it is allowed to run this procedure more often, but no more than 3-4 times a month.

In addition to cleaning your washing machine once a month, experts advise following a few simple rules. They will help keep the appliance clean and in good working order for a long time. Leave the washing machine lid open after every wash. Additional airing will help reduce humidity levels inside the appliance and reduce the growth of pathogenic microflora. Also, always wipe accessible surfaces inside the washing machine of residual water, detergent, softener. Never neglect these simple rules for taking care of appliances. Only the proper and timely cleaning of both washer’s exterior and interior surfaces can guarantee its stable operation.

If you use the Quick wash mode in your washing machine regularly or mode involving washing clothes at low water temperatures, you will need to clean the appliance a little more often. The fact is that the cool water prevents the powder from thoroughly dissolving and contributes to its deposition on the internal device’s surfaces. That is why it is recommended to aplly Cotton Mode more often and wash suitable items in this mode, using the highest possible water temperature. Quick Mode (lasts from 10 to 30 minutes), of course, saves your time. But at the same time, it is dangerous because of insufficient powder washout.

The quality of washing directly depends on how properly the washer mechanisms work. That’s why it is so important to take care not only of the outer beauty of the appliance but also to clean its hard-to-reach surfaces. Adjust the frequency of cleaning activities yourself, focusing on individual parameters (frequency of washing, the degree of soiling of your laundry).

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