Amana Dryer NED4655EW Review of 2023

By Amy Mitchelle/ Last Updated: June 16

Our Verdict

The Amana dryer – is one of the best drying appliances with wrinkles prevent option. It features 6.5 Cu. Ft. tank for large laundry load. So, this item may be called ideal for a big family with children. According to Amana dryer reviews, this product will help you fresh and perfectly dry clothes and other textile units (plaids, blankets, linen, towels). The mentioned appliance is perfect while used in the Amana washer and dryer set.


  • Large tank capacity (6.5 Cu. Ft.)

  • Powerfull and efficient
  • Wrinkle prevent option

  • Prevents clothes overdrying


  • Few functions quantity

  • No digital display and window

Key Specifications

  • Washer type – lateral laundry loading

  • Case color – white

  • Weight 125 pounds

  • Dry Sensor

  • 11 dry cycles

  • Size 28.2 x 29 x 44 inches

  • Item number NED4655EW

  • Replacement parts included

  • User’s manual and guide included

What is Amana NED4655EW?

Taking into account various Amana dryer reviews, this is one of the best developments of popular and demanded Amana brand. This device allows you to forget about the need to spend time drying clothes behind a balcony or on the street. Now your linen will smell good and look great after drying! All this is thanks to Amana electric dryer with an incredibly spacious tank (6.5 Cu. Ft.) and 4 drying modes to choose from.


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The Amana dryer NED4655EW has an automatic degree of linen dryness detection, and therefore you do not risk getting overdried, crumpled clothes. This is an advantage that will be highly appreciated by consumers and definitely will not go unnoticed. The wrinkles prevent  function will allow you to get perfectly and carefully dried clothes. Also, we need to mention the Cool Down cycle allowing to cool the clothes after the drying process and provide an additional smoothing effect. The Amana NED4655EW reviews confirm: now ironing will become easier and even pleasant.

amana NED4655ew

The Amana dryers feature the modest control panel, designed in a simple minimalist style. There is nothing extra – just the name of the Amana brand and a relay with basic settings. There is a door on the front of the Amana – 6.5 cu. ft. 11-cycle electric dryer – white case – open it and load wet laundry into the dryers tank. The Amana NED4655EW will be especially convenient for those who live in an apartment without a balcony and have to dry clothes inside the house.


This is an electric type dryer, consuming little electricity due to the automatic function of determining the degree of laundry dryness. It will automatically shut off, determining that your laundry is already sufficiently dry. This home appliance is durable, strong, efficient and silent working. It will save your personal time, and at the same time, it will solve the problem of finding a place for standard linen drying. The stylish snow-white case will harmoniously complement any interior and make your life easier and more enjoyable. All you need to install and exploit this appliance are the power source and venting system. Use the device properly (choose the appropriate drying modes) and you will be satisfied with the excellent drying results.

This dryer has no window for drying process monitoring. Nevertheless, you cannot doubt the device’s efficiency – even without a window, the manufacturer guarantees an excellent result. The dryness sensors allow you to track the degree of fabric dryness and protect it from creases and wrinkles.

Amana Electric Dryer – Options for Perfect Drying Results

This Amana 6.5 electric dryer is made by the reputable Amana brand. The manufacturer took care of consumers and provided 11 drying cycles and 4 temperature regimes. These are the following: No heat, High Heat (timed one), Low Heat and Air Dry (careful dry option). All these modes may be chosen manually, depending on the type of fabrics and the variety of clothes (bed-linen, ordinary clothes, towels, etc.).

amana electric dryer

The Amana clothes dryer features Automatic Dryness control and Wrinkle Prevent options. The Automatic Dryness control function involves the use of an exclusive innovative sensory technology that allows the Amana 6.5 cu ft electric dryer to evaluate the degree of laundry drying automatically. As a result, the fabric is protected from overheating and the product does not lose its aesthetics and attractiveness. The Amana front load dryer automatically completes its work as soon as it is satisfied that the laundry is perfectly dry. Thus, your waiting time is saved, the material of the product is protected and the energy is also saved (optimal operating time of the device).

Amana Dryer Reviews

Choosing this or that mode for each type of linen properly, you provide a high-quality drying result and the safety of the textile product. Also be sure to take into account the information displayed on the labels of your clothes (the preferred temperature regime, washing type, drying advice, etc.).

amana dryers

The Amana NED4655EW review says: though the item features no digital display, it is quite easy in operation. Even if you have a modest experience in using tumble dryers, familiarizing yourself with the user’s manual (included in the basic package), one may easily understand the functionality of the appliance. Also, as for the indicated model of the dryer, you will not find touch buttons and other modern things, however, it has a fairly convenient relay and a minimum set of functions. Practicality, laconic design and proven efficiency are the best qualities of the NED4655EW Amana.

Amana 6.5 Cu. Ft. Electric Dryer – Basic Advantages

The Amana 6.5 Cu. Ft. electric dryer operates quite well (features a wrinkles prevention function). There is also a function for automatically linen drying degree determining. As a result, your clothes will never become overdried. The Amana – 6.5 Cu. Ft. 11-cycle electric dryer dries all the textile products types to the optimum state, without leaving unpleasant folds on the products and without harming the materials.


The significant part of the Amana 6.5 electric dryer reviews say that this device provides the most basic functions, nothing more. The presented basic dryer is a reliable, durable, perfectly coping with its main purpose, namely with drying clothes. The NED4655EW dryer is a great solution for families who often have to wash their clothes. This is especially true for families with one or more children. Now drying will not take you much time. Put clean, wet laundry in the dryer tank, set the desired operation mode, and enjoy a great result soon.

amana dryer ned4655ew

The presented washing machine, according to the Amana top load washer reviews, features excellent spin power indicators. The maximum spin speed in the designated model of the washing machine is 700RPM. This is quite enough for the washed clothes to be perfectly dry after a couple of hours (especially in the warm season). Of course, you can use a less powerful spin option (for delicate products made of synthetics, silk, wool).


There are two relays on the left side of the machine’s working panel. One is responsible for the Water Level setting, and the other – for the Wash Temperature setting. The manufacturer gives you the right to choose the optimal settings for each laundry load and washing for the best result. The device treats fabrics with care and helps not only to remove any types of contaminants but also to provide fabrics with gentle care. The relay for selecting a specific washing mode is placed on the right side of the panel. Here you will also see the indicators (backlighting showing the current status of the washing process) and the Start button, which launches the Amana 3.5 top load washer.

amana - 6.5 cu. ft. 11-cycle electric dryer - white

Air Drying Mode is provided especially for delicate materials (synthetic wool, silk). The multiple Amana dryer NED4655EW reviews acknowledge that it allows drying items made of demanding materials that need to be handled carefully. The dryer’s door closes tight enough, so you can not worry about the device’s reliability. Another advantage of the Amana dryer models can be considered their compact size – install the product in the bathroom or kitchen and use it for the benefit of the whole family.

This Amana 6.5 Cu. Ft. 240-Volt white electric vented dryer with wrinkle prevent option can be a harmonious addition to the washing machine from Amana. Purchase both products and install them together to get the maximum benefit from. Both products are made in a single classic style. Their laconic design fits perfectly into any interior. The white bodies of the washing and drying machines will look great next to each other (they have approximately the same height, color of the body, and overall dimensions). Using products from a popular brand in a pair, you will get a wonderful duet – perfect home assistant ever!


Here you may look through and choose the Amana dryer parts

Another Amana 6.5 Cu Ft dryer’s advantage that deserves the consumer’s attention is its quiet operation. The appliance operates almost silent while providing an ideal drying result! The manufacturer took care of customers who value unconditional comfort, so by purchasing the Amana model NED4655EW, you can enjoy not only quickly dried clothes but also the quiet operation of the device.


Temperature and Dryness control sensors are two more nuances – the reason why many users highly appreciate this household appliance. Thanks to these parameters, the device can rightly be called smart and innovative. The built-in sensors provide the safest and most effective drying for all types of fabrics, including those that need extremely gentle and delicate care.

amana 6.5 electric dryer


Another advantage can be considered the Amana dryer price – quite optimal and reasonable. The device belongs to the low-budget category and is perfect for families with average incomes. Despite the modest cost and narrow set of functions, this household appliance copes with the assigned responsibilities worthily. It has the most necessary, basic functions and lacks advanced options. By the way, sometimes, such additional functions are unnecessary or ineffective and also may increase the product’s cost.


The Amana 6.5 Cu. Ft. electric dryer in white case features convenient reversible door. This means that one may install it as he likes – in order to open from the left or right side. This is quite unique and actual option. Thanks to this feature, the electric Amana dryer is incredibly convenient and practical. Rare dryer, even more expensive one, may suggest you such an unordinary option, as a reversible door. This nuance allows to install the dryer in every interior and use comfortable (for right and left-handed people).

Guide to Buying the Amana Dryer NED4655EW

Is the Amana dryer good?

According to most Amana electric dryer reviews that can be found on the Internet, this device is really worth buying. You will not feel sorry for the money spent on the Amana dryer, especially if you purchase this equipment for usage in conjunction with Amana washer. Both these products are durable, reliable and ready to do an excellent job with their mission. The Amana washer NED4655EW is able to dry clothes quickly and without harming it. Note that the quickest result one may get, setting the Regular cycle. Others may prolong the drying process. Regardless of the cycle you choose, the final stage of drying will be blowing the laundry with cold air. As a result, the clothes are smoothed out, looking very neat and tight even after thorough drying.

What company makes the Amana dryers?

Amana dryers are produced by trusted American Amana brand. This is a branch of huge Whirlpool Corporation well-known all around the globe. The company’s engineers and designers believe that the secret of producing high-quality and attractive in all the respects household appliances is the innovative technologies and design solutions right combination. Both of these parameters intertwine in each unit of household appliances from Amana, in particular, in its drying machines. The presented model of Amana distinctions dryer is a vivid confirmation of these words.

How much is the Amana dryer?

The price tag of this Amana electric dryer NED4655EW may vary, depending on the place of sale (concrete trading platform). The price may be approximately $350-600. The dryers’ cost can be influenced by both the concrete sale place and the condition of the device (new product or used one). This tumble dryer is one of the least expensive. This is a budget solution, endowed with, nevertheless, a sufficient set of functions. Despite the modest price, this unit of household appliances doesn’t give way to more expensive counterparts in terms of reliability and clothes drying quality.

How to use the Amana dryer?

It is strictly recommended to invite a competent person to install the dryer. Speaking on the question of the direct device operation, one can carefully study the user’s manual included in the basic package. The device has a minimal set of functions and control levels (the main relay on the control panel), and therefore will not cause difficulties in operation either for young people or the elderly.


Before you start using the dryer from Amana, it is recommended that you carefully study the documentation and instructions supplied by the manufacturer. There you will find a detailed guide to both installation and direct operation of the device. First, explore all the available modes of operation of the dryer and then, focusing on the type of fabric, select the optimal drying mode.


In addition to cleaning the interior of the washer, users are also advised to clean the device from the outside regularly. To maintain the cleanliness and neat appearance of the case, it is enough to wipe it with a clean damp cloth once a week.


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