Amana Gas Dryer NGD5800HW Review of 2023

By Amy Mitchelle/ Last Updated: July 04

Our Verdict

This device belongs to the gas type, serves for high-quality and quick drying of all textile products varieties. The Amana NGD5800HW dryer is a bargain for any home. It works on gas (a cheaper resource than electricity), provides efficient and safe clothes drying. The manufacturer offers several temperature conditions so you can customize the Amana 7.4 gas dryer individually, according to the fabric type.


  • Inexpensive usage
  • Attractive appearance
  • Careful drying


  • Decent options set

Key Specifications

  • 4 Cu. Ft. tank capacity
  • Digital control panel
  • Front-load type
  • Sensor drying system
  • Petrol type – gas
  • 4 temperature options
  • Changeable door fixation (left or right)
  • Dimensions 27x31x38,75 (width, depth, height)
  • Sanitize cycle included

What is Amana NGD5800HW?

We offer to make a closer acquaintance with another product of the famous Amana company. This is a fine, easy-to-use dryer with a minimal set of options. Any user, even an elderly one, will be able to quickly and easily learn to control the Amana 7.4 gas dryer. Several temperature conditions provide comprehensive care for any cloth from your wardrobe. Using it, one may dry silk or synthetic blouses, as well as cotton shirts, knitted dresses, bedding, woolen products. In a word, choosing different temperature options, you can easily provide high-quality care for any textile units. Its capacious 7.4 Cu. Ft. tank may accommodate lots of clothes – through one drying cycle you will be able to dry a large amount of clothing.


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Surprisingly, this relatively inexpensive 7.4 Cu. Ft. front load gas dryer is smart enough. It may determine the humidity degree of the laundry and independently decide whether to end the drying cycle or to extend the drying time. It has a built-in drying sensor, permitting to take care of your clothes. Forget about overdrying forever!

amana ngd5800hw review

Amana 7.4 Gas Dryer – Basic Advantages

This Amana NGD5800HW  is regarded as a budget category product. This is the basic home appliance for clothes drying, offering consumers a modest set of options. Nevertheless, according to the Amana NGD5800HW review, this household appliance is highly appreciated for its several advantages such as a roomy tank and gas operation. The first advantage makes this device a favorite of large families. A roomy tank allows you to fill it to the top not only with ordinary clothes but also with spacious sheets, fluffy rugs, etc.

The second advantage is the gas operation. Gas is indeed a cost-effective resource. Therefore, if you are in search of the most profitable household appliances in operation, it is reasonable to give preference to this Amana dryer.

Guide to Buying the Amana Gas Dryer NGD5800HW

How do I hook up my Amana gas dryer?

To install this household appliance, according to Amana NGD5800HW review, it is recommended to resort to the specialists’ help. However, owning a special gas dryer kit for installation procedure one may easily cope with this task. Such a kit usually includes several products – clamps, gas connector, vent. Note that you will also need a sealing compound. In case of having sufficient experience in gas equipment installing, follow the step-by-step instructions (usually included in the user’s manual) and all the other manufacturer’s recommendations.

How much does the Amana dryer cost?

The cost of this 7.4 Cu. Ft. front load gas dryer ranges around $900-1000. The final price is formed depending on a number of factors, including the certain trading platform (a specific site, online store), the device’s condition (in the case of new and used equipment, the cost will, of course, vary). Too low household appliances price should doubt the buyer and raise questions about its technical condition and the ability to perform basic functions.

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